Why do we play?

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I find it interesting reading the forums how some stress over every minor blip in the game and others don't seem to even notice. Some push for that next spot on the leader board and some are happy to make their guild minimum. I know this will be a bit skewed because typically we will find more avid rather than casual players cruising the forums but was still curious to know. Why do YOU play? Do you have goals or just passing time?


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    I guess it all comes down to a sense of progression. Not just levelling up or else I would have gotten bored months ago when I got my survivors to level 23. I must admit the guild I'm in is a huge contributor to that, when I joined I was in one of the lower tiers and I've worked my way into the top tier. We have a guy who does a tracker to calculate everyone's rankings over a 4 week period, it's been fun starting near the bottom and working my way up into the top 5 of a top 10 ranked guild.

    Aside from that my current goal is 8* survivors and I'd like to beat the distance one day. Managed to clear mission 20 a bunch so I'm not far off :smile:
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    Was strictly for my guild mates even though I demoted myself to our sister guild, but after a break I enjoy the game again and also ng seem to be actually listening to us and trying to remove some of the grind from the challenge, so now it's 50% for my guild mates and 50% for the actual game
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    > @TransmuteJun said:
    > I enjoy playing the challenges and the season missions (and the story missions, back before I finished them). I like improving my survivors and continually getting better at the Distance and challenges. I love that my husband and I both play this game and that we can share it together.

    My wife and I both play as well.
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    Play for the guild.
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    I was playing because of guild and friends...now no clue about why... :#
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    Reasons why I play:
    - I like turn based strategy
    - This game is quite easy to play without feeling the compulsion to by hyper competitive. Most mobile games make me feel like I need to be in the 'elite' upper tier of the game to be winning, but NML doesn't feel like that (sorry devs)
    - Top guildies (hey S T A R S)
    - No annoying lost progress or losing points if disconnected (well, minor anyway)
    - Actually quite decent community engagement compared to a lot of developers
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    - addicted. B*lls deep im afraid
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    Addiction and bankruptcy.

    Also: friends.
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    DLich said:

    I continued to play due to the “sunk cost fallacy”

    Sunk Cost Fallacy Brief Explanation

    The TLDR version is you basically continue to play because if you don't all the time and resources you have spent playing in the past would be a waste. So you continue to spend time and resources in the present and the future so that the time and resources you spent in the past aren't for nothing.

    It's a fallacy because it's like using the same logic in a relationship you are unhappy in. "I should continue to work on this relationship otherwise the last 4 years we have been together would be a waste". So you continue to put effort into something that you don't want to to "justify" the past effort you put into it.

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    Training for a real zombie apocalypse >:)
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    @TJS IKR, I play for the same reason. I will know how to defeat the hoards and that @Drunken will be best chance for the Otis tactic!
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