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    jbuoy said:

    Just out of curiosity, but how many of those who are at max supplies with nothing left to upgrade used gold to speed things up? I ask because when 2.8 dropped and we got new stuff to upgrade, I had enough supplies to get the first building upgrade going. Since then I have collected supplies from missions, gathered from farms, and on occasion used Glenn on a gas booster to accumulate supplies in a hurry. I am still a million away from having enough to upgrade the mission car to get to 67, then 20 mil to max.

    I guess I wonder if you know it is coming, why speed it up and then complain about being maxed?

    I agree with you. I did not pay any gold and upgraded as I earned tomatoes normally. I had not maxed out at the time of the last supplies trade (over the holidays) and bought items with supplies in the shop. But then I maxed out about 3 weeks later just through normal play.
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    I've used plenty of gold. I play too casually to have maxed out already otherwise.
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    I have still some 11 million and 1,500 reasons to be happy

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    I'm 300k from having enough to upgrade my last Supply Storage building.

    I spent no gold to rush build time. I spent as much of my supplies as I could on worthwhile purchases during the Supplies for Gear trade event and I used Glenn on Outpost raids up until recently.

    Unless I have a very good reason to rush buildings, I slow play them as much as I can.
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    I didn't use any gold to speed anything up.
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    Aaand maxed...
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    I'm maxed out and a couple of guildmates as well. Please add the trade for supplies back in the shop. It doesnt require anything extra since y'all done it a few times in the past. And it's not like NG's is losing anything by doing it but it will keeping ur loyal fanbase from LOSING supplies they are earning. The trades that were offered were already overpriced to begin with but if we're willing to still make that purchase...come on, throw us a bone! A lot of it gets scrapped anyway because many of those pieces in shop have crap traits so u get it back anyway and we get minimum xp's for it. And the 1's that r keepers, u get a buttload of xp's for us to it's a win/win sort of! lol!
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    Looks like this weekend is double supplies and supplies trades in the TG shop.
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    Bumping this thread for more than one reason. First it took to four pages to find this and tomatoes were not in the headline. Seeing comments about reposting stuff that's been posted. Do we really think people need to scroll through 4 pages of forum content to try to find what they want to talk about. Also the headline could be misleading to some. My official response is... is it really a bad thing to have full tomatoes? Wondering if anybody put in time to look at other categories that go up since you are not collecting tomato crates. Wondering if any mods have any info on percentages of other supply drops since tomatoes are not in the equation. Sorry for my grammar it sucks. I speech text randomly put in periods. LOL I'm not that smart first line Infantry!!
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    @Governator awesome idea. Most of us are left hanging with literally hundreds of components but no fragments.
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    @T_storm69 Actually, when maxed, you still see tomatoes from most sources. They don't get replaced with other types of drops, so yes, it is kind of a big deal.

    Think about how many times you get tomatoes in after mission crates, as rewards from dailies, the distance on normal, season missions, etc. in a single week.

    Now, imagine still getting all those tomatoes dropping but they just disappear into the ether. You end up with far fewer rewards for the same amount of play, usually for several weeks until they decide to give us supplies for gear in the shop.
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    Tomatoes for sale....

    I am the one and only Zee Black, climbed all the way to Level 75, part of SG Woot, the 3 million star guild

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    I haven’t quite reached the 20m yet, on about 16.5m. But I’m “saving up” for literally nothing..!!! Would be nice to be able to donate some to my guild buddies. Or trade them for XP or TG
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    I hadn’t read that post from @Governator above. Absolutely agree - trade for fragments is an awesome idea!!
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    @paintbeast once I reach max tomatoes. I don't see tomatoes drop. Or at least most of the time. Maybe just me
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    You won't see them from wall walkers, farms, or challenge missions at RSL 23+. You still get them everywhere else.
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    In the mindless challenge missions below 23 that's all you get. And update has nothing to spend them on
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,127
    @paintbeast yes indeed BUT only when your player lvl is maxed.
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    I'm full from 1 month or more and i swapped anything in shop because i don't need anything and i will probably have somethng bad for 5M supplies... :/
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    Would it be so hard to increase supply storage considering the long gaps between council upgrades? When the upgrade finally comes, those 20M are gone right away and you’re back to the endless freakin’ grind with the knowledge that in reality you should have a hell of a lot more in storage.
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    I have officially joined the “maxed out on 20m supplies club” today..... @Kaz, given that some end gamers are quite unhappy about the continued grind and the carol event, how about giving us “supplies for stuff” in the TG shop....? Just an idea
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    As of last night before mid season premiere I’m officially maxed! This sucks ! Add another to end gamer club.
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  • pirate1125pirate1125 Member Posts: 341
    Would have been nice to had something to upgrade in update
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    Donate them to the closest charity bank. I heard the garbage people will trade for them, but then they change their mind and attack you. However, if you hold out long enough, they will change their minds again and make the trade while painting in the nude.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are the best artists....

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    See I warned you not to complain about been maxed, now weapons have become obsolete again
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    @Captainslayer Well, of course there was going to be a new council update. Why would anything ever change for the better?
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