100 times crafting with common components

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This is for the statistics guys.
What concerns me now is that I need to enter them all in my spreadsheet. :#

Remember to use your charge abilities


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    You need Kaz for this.

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    On Friday:
    I crafted 45 uncommon and it returned 11% rare and 11% epic badges (used all uncommon and one of each type of component)
    I crafted 75 common and it returned 12% rare and 12% epic badges (used all common and one of each type of component)

    Overall distribution of the +400 badges crafted using all same level items (common, uncommon....legendary) and one of each type of component

    Critical Chance 3.9%
    Critical Damage 32.8%
    Damage 31.1%
    Damage Reduction 14.1%
    Health 18.0%

    A 19.7%
    B 22.6%
    C 19.7%
    D 19.3%
    E 18.7%

    1 17.1%
    2 16.2%
    3 22.0%
    4 15.6%
    5 12.4%
    6 16.8%

    Edit: Spot 6 stats didn't copy over so pasted it in.
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