Re-slottable gear traits suggestion

So, while grumbling for the fourth time that a legendary item crate had gear for a class that needed one (yay), but had terrible traits (boo), I had an idea.

Why not be able to craft traits in the craftsman, just like badges? The result would still be random, but you would get a token that you could drop on an applicable item that would give it that trait = i.e. a wide spread token for assault weapons that would be bronze, silver, or gold, and (with gold or when you trash the gear item) that could be unslotted and reinstalled.

You would still have to upgrade weapons the three levels to unlock the slot (maybe that takes slightly less EXP since you’re also crafting the trait), and crafting the slottable trait would use cans like badges do (giving top levels something to use them on). On the day this would go live, you get the slottables you already have on your current gear, installed on that gear, but after that, as you upgrade your weapons you could transfer the traits you like to new weapons and armor, or even experiment with one by spending some gold and seeing if it suits you better, without upgrading a whole new item and trashing it if it turns out to suck (it would also be nice if updates make a stat useless later).

What do you think?


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