Real solution to the challenge grind

Props to NG for trying out the ultimate challenge idea to ease the grind for end gamers. But so far not a single solution will work for everyone. The newer players want to play more rounds, the end gamers want less. After some long thoughts here's my solution that WILL work for everyone.

But first, let's look at the root of the problem. Because until this is fixed, no ultimate challenge or any modification to the challenge format will work for everyone.

Currently the gap between the number of rounds played is too vastly different between different levels of players. Let's just do a comparison between a player with level 20 survivors with no pink stars vs level 23 survivors with 3 pink stars. The ASL (actual survivor level) would be level 20 vs level 26. Player B would get 6 more RSLs with no body shots. That is at least 18 rounds more if I'm not counting the tier 4s at RSL 30+. 18 more rounds is at least 108 more maps, or 648 more gas if you don't redo anything. That's INSANE!!!

This is only a comparison between mid level players and end gamers. If you throw in the players that are not even at level 20 yet the gap is even larger. That's why no matter what kind of changes to the challenge right now it will always ALIENATE a part of the player base.

So what's the solution?

It's simple, the 1st step is to level the amount of play time between ALL of the players as much as possible.

The easiest way to close the gap is automatically provide 3 round passes per level and per pink star for players with survivor level over 20. For example, a player with level 23 survivors and 3 pink stars would automatically get 18 round passes a week on top of the round passes that they earn weekly.

This solution will immediately close the gap between mid level players and end gamers.

The end gamers will still probably play more rounds overall because of the 4 tier system over rsl 30 and also better gears and badges. But I think all end gamers would agree that taking out 18 rounds of play time weekly will drastically help the grind.

Once the gap is closed and the play time is leveled then any changes make to the challenges would impact all players equally, instead of always alienating a group.

A solution among this line will have to be implemented because it will only get worst moving forward. With every council upgrade on the current system an end gamer would have to play 3 more rounds. It will scale out of hand.

I also want the address the argument of fairness. Is it fair for end gamers to earn extra round passes?

I personally believe it is not only fair but will act as an incentive to level up. Many other mobile games are already doing this. Shouldn't you get more stars and rewards when you level up your characters in the first place? Currently it is a drag to level up. Why would anybody want to level up just to grind more and make all their gears obsolete?

Hopefully this solution doesn't land on deaf ears. I would love to hear all the feedbacks from the community and the developers as well.


  • docroddersdocrodders Member Posts: 38
    I love this idea!
  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    Whatever NG is planning, I suspect it's a little late for them to consider new ideas. They have their sights on something already.
  • tssttsst Member Posts: 7
    Simply put, this is the fairest suggestion to change I have heard. It just makes complete sense, to all levels of players. Get him a place on the development team for Christ sake!
  • nadecirnadecir Member Posts: 271
    This proposal makes the assumption that NG actually wants the end gamers to be able to play less. I am not sure that assumption is valid.

    The solution that works for everyone is the easiest to understand. Let players choose the level at which they want to start the challenge.

    If you are concerned about eliminating the necessity of grinding for the leaderboards, just count the stars from individual players' best 30 rounds. You can use the same best 30 rounds for a player's star count if you want to limit individual and guild rewards.

    We are all just guessing what data is most important in NG's analysis to try to maximize. My guess is their weekly revenue is certainly an important factor for them to maximize.

    NG wants all players to play more, not less. That's for sure. Players who play more spend more money and watch more ads. The problem is that if they force players to play too much to get what they want, they risk losing the player. So they have to balance their desire to get players to play more, with the risk of losing players to the forced grind. It's a fine line to walk for NG.
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,909
    I support that :)
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  • pirate1125pirate1125 Member Posts: 357
    @paintbeast The same would be nice, I usually get about half or less tokens at 28 and up
  • paintbeastpaintbeast Member Posts: 1,188
    @pirate1125 true.
  • Kick_assKick_ass Member Posts: 513
    This idea is the best I've heard.

    The grind is costing Ng players, which effects all of us.

    Rewards at this point are inconsistent and are not based on achievement anyway.

    Why take the best solution any of us had seen and dismiss it?

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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    I don't see why round passes have to enter into the equation at all. Higher starting level for end gamers is all we really need. Same result without all the worries about free passes or round math. Couple that with reduced rounds per RSL, a la Ultimate Challenge, and we're close to my ideal solution.

    I hope NG's plan looks something like that. Throw in round passes if you want, but all they are is a substitute for higher starting RSL.

    I only hope there won't be people throwing fits about perceived lost stars for maxed out players, which is part of what exarcebated the grindy mess we're in now.

  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    edited February 2018
    It's not exactly the same @Mabiki

    With round passes, the rewards for the skipped rounds get doubled for the same amount of played rounds.
    With a higher starting RSL, the rounds get skipped without a compensation.
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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    Fair point @Jaden. But the less grind result is achieved, and I believe in any balanced system that max players will ultimately get more stars than lower level counterparts.

    No need to re-litgate the old battle, as I am hopeful any solution along the lines of any of the UC iterations will be a huge improvement for my own enjoyment.
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,435
    Is it really a major issue to incorporate 3 rnd pass? I’m curious wouldn’t that solve low level grind for most end gamers? I’m seriously asking not trying to be a smart ass.
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,470
    edited February 2018
    Let me say the inevitable... If "rewards have to be fought for"...

    Why are we getting lvl 22 green gear after burning 1000 gold for healing to reach RSL 33?

    Why are we getting 8 Eugene tokens after burning 1000 gold for healing to reach RSL 33?

    Honestly not even the "Interactive Jackpot Machine" factor is not working here: not only you feel scammed as a gambler but also any strategy involved into this "strategy game" is completely neglected.

    Sorry if I'm sounding salty. Just can't say it other way.

  • VudnikVudnik Member Posts: 307
    Bloody brilliant @TheRealSavage !!
  • MurdoqueMurdoque Member Posts: 67

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