Non-Hero Fest 40 call

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I really like the 40 call and it's a nice way to get some hero tokens for your favourite heroes but how about doing the 40 call with zero chance of heroes and increased chance of normal class tokens? I'm currently nearing the end of the long road from 7* to 8*, the 40 call is really nice for getting 2-3 epics and maybe a legendary and saving 5 radios but the main problem is you will often get 32 Rick tokens thrown in!

Or maybe an increased chance of a particular class, melee/ranged etc.


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    That's a cool idea! I don't know if the majority of the players would find that attractive enough though, haha. I'll have a chat with the devs about it! :)
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    Thanks @Kaz. I appreciate the continued efforts to beef up our heroes and my 6* Michonne, Abe and Sasha thank you for it! But my main survivors will always carry me further in the challenge :smile:
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    You can see the disconnect between average players and players who push. I am starting to see that as well in forums. Those who think Carol is a good hero are the average player...
    @WellyLuga is a push player.

    I think you would be surprised at how well a 40 non hero event would go. I don't think it would top Hero week, which is what most of us pushers save up for. The ability to 7 star Abe or Sasha is just amazing concept and a great event. I spent waayyyyyy to much to 7 star Abe. But he increased my star count by about 100.

    I would be more willing to spend 40 radios for non heros than heros I will never use like current. I feel some other players would be the same.
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    Unfortunately the average players far out number the 'push players' (term used above) so I don't believe categorizing players is the best way to promote this idea.

    I'm not a fan of Carol either but I'm sure there are many who are and I don't think putting them all in a category of 'average player' is a fair or valid point.
    Often players are attached to characters they like in the show too, regardless of their hero traits.

    I think a non-hero special call is a great idea for all players. Beginners, Casual and the rest alike.
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    I think a lot of this has to do with a players guild. My old guild didn't have the veteran players current has. I was all about heros for my first few months, until I joined current guild. Then my view changed.

    I see your point about players being attached to a hero based on show, but I guess to me being a competitive player I view it differently. I used the term average player not as a disrespect or any sense of it, but rather a player in a top 50 guild is pushing for max stars and Carol is not how you achieve max.

    I regret my decision prior to joining Mavs using the 25 hero call only. It is cool to have all heros unlocked, but I only use a handful of them. My 7 stars get used every week. If someone had educated me early on I would be near 8* toons and pushing for 2k stars weekly opposed to 1700-1800.

    So that's why I use push and average... I guess I could star min star players vs max star players?
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