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Happened just moments ago :/


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    I really hate that
  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    It’s an annoying bug (“annoying” is my term for it, as Painwalker thought it was awesome, lol). It happens if you double tap the Raid button. Then your raid and your camp is stuck on that loading screen but you can still function/move, albeit blindly. To resolve this, just force close app, and restart, it should bring you back to the normal screens again. I hope NG patches this up.
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    I’d point out the link to the video, but that would just make me feel dirty and I’d be in the shower scrubbing all night. Leave it to say, yes @Movado is correct.

    Don’t quickly double tap the Raid start button, if you do, force quit to fix it, or it will remain that way with everything invisible under the Raid load screen until you do.
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    Moved to bug reports
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