Offensive Hunter

atty_ayris2matty_ayris2m Member Posts: 5
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Good or not so good! Have a main hunter (with iron skin!!!) But this makes me think "Offensive" wise.. is he worthy keeping? He just came up in my 20 Carol roll quest... I chose him over my hero target.


  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,013
    I really like him! Vigilant is quite a nice trait on a hunter due to the increased range if you want to keep threat low here and there. At the very least you can never have enough max damage hunters for the distance!
  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,289
    Yeah he's a keeper, especially for the Distance. Damage and critical damage badges. He'll really have some pop. You need to rename him Ralphie because he shot his eye out with his Red Ryder BB gun.
  • OvergrowdaworldOvergrowdaworld Member Posts: 535
    That’s a good hunter. Having Marksman and Sureshot on a Hunter is Ruthless? Golden.
  • TechfallTechfall Member Posts: 168
    I wouldn't pink with vigilant and revenge, but keep until you find one with luck and Dodge/iron skin imo
  • atty_ayris2matty_ayris2m Member Posts: 5
    Was expecting someone to say that @Techfall ... and I was really hoping iron skin to be one. Will probably compensate those lacking traits through armor upgrades
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    I find him very offensive!!
    Did he even shower this month?

    Throw him back to the garbage people where he came from!
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