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Is there a possibility to put a chainsaw in the game as weapon?one with a short blade (1-5 stars) free in crates or to trade in tradeshop and one with a large blade (5 stars) to buy in the shop.
I think it's a good weapon for a scout or warrior!Or a new class


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    Sorry, had to laugh, I picture scout as being slim athletic runners. I don’t see someone running quietly through the woods with that slung over there should. Instead I picture;

    (Nurse in aid station)
    ”Glenn, you’ve been in here every day this week. Is it that bad? Are the walkers that close to camp?”

    Glenn: “Not as close as you might think, nothing to worry about yet.”

    “But Glenn, you were only gone twenty minutes yesterday, you came in looking like you had a fight with a chainsaw!”

    Glenn: “Um, well, it might have to do with that new weapon Rick found and asked me to use.”

    ”What could he possibly have given you that causes such wounds on the person who wields it?”

    Glenn: (grinning sheepishly) “Well, ya know how you said a fight with a chainsaw?”

    (raises eyebrow) “Yes?”

    Glenn: “A seven foot long chainsaw.”

    (busts up laughing) “And you’re only five foot six.”

    Glenn sighs and leaves the tent.
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  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29
    All weapons are dangerous!Look around!There are lot of kills on the street or in schools
  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29

    They use it in the comics (2015)

  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29
    Sawyer : walking dead road to survival

  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29
    And they use a chainsaw in AMC ''Preacher'
  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
    It shows up once in the comics, Sawyer is a unique character with a special weapon in a different game and this is not Preacher. If you want lots of characters running amok with chainsaws, you're in the wrong game.

    It isn't a scout or warrior weapon and would just make the game look damn silly if it were used in that way. If you can persuade Next Games to create another one-off with a unique weapon, like Rufus, that would be a different matter.
  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29
    a shovel and a hockey stick are silly eather and they put it in the game
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    I swear, they used a chainsaw on the show once....

    It might just be one of those moments you think, they just had to of used on once by somebody....

    Maybe it was the same episode with the table full of coke and shower scene...
  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29
    Yeah,there are a lot of weapons used once:Pool Cue ,Cane ,Long Handle Weeder ,Lawn Edger ,Digging Ba r,Pick-Axe ,Fire Poker
  • IrenikIrenik Member Posts: 28
    I could see the chainsaw as a weapon for maybe bruiser. Not all their weapons stun. Chainsaw could be a damage over time weapon that ticks off like fire.

    Ex: Negan with chainsaw runs up to a heavy(can't be stunned), does significantly more upfront damage than say a baseball bat. At the start of the walker turn, it takes additional damage. Just like you would move a chainsaw around.

    Imo, bruiser could use some love and that's the kind of interesting utility that could be used on the "kill the hard walker" missions.

    Just my two cents
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        I do hereby propose a new weapon concept for the consideration of those in power. May the lords of human interface for NextGames ( @Kaz @Shteevie ) take heed upon these words and the wisdom I do impart.

        Our community, made up of some 28 survivors, have been mulling over this news of possible new weapons being found around our area of comfort. We all love the idea of shotguns for our assaults because heck, who doesn’t like the blasting power of a semi modified choke on a short barrel shotgun.

        We have also started scavenging all hardware stores we can find. One of our scouts found a broken set of bolt cutters and we were unable to repair them. Glenn, Carol, and Annie have been throwing the request to find a decent pair out for awhile now. According to our scouts, they are no heavier or awkward than a pitchfork, snow shovel, or Roman spear. However they have a use that non of the others do. They can open crates faster and open gates faster than any other tool we carry.

        When the assault and shooter group commented on how useless they would be as a weapon compared to say, a nice Bowie knife or Marine Corps K-Bar, the girls (yes we tease Glenn about being a girl) retorted with examples of bolt cutters being used in assault cases before this outbreak or whatever happened. An old newspaper tells of a man who was finally arrested on three different assault charges, of which in two of them he used bolt cutters as the weapon. Read about it here, this happened in Alameda County and was reported on by a news station in Dublin! No, not that Dublin, the one in California U.S.A.

        A catalog was also found which depicts a set of bolt cutters called Rapid Assault Bolt Cutters and we have a copy of it now hanging in the latrine. No matter how many times it’s removed, it somehow reappears. We have no clue how many copies of the catalog were found and nobody will fess up about posting the flier but one copy is left in the weapons locker ( viewable here ) so we know it’s someone on rotation as guard in there.

        They do look promising as they have telescoping handles which allow a 19-30” reach as a weapon or for more leverage on those thicker locks. The girls think they could open any lock in half the time with them.

        Anyways, we just wanted to share that and now that it has been done, maybe we can have a different damn conversation at the campfire!!

    Respectfully, the living. Have a blessed day and may you outrun what you cannot kill.    

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  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    Me and a guildmate were discussing Jadis and they brought up her special weapon could be a metal grinder or wood chipper....
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    If she was a bruiser it could be "bloody cat sculpture"
  • DigxDigx Member Posts: 39
    Not a bad idea,but for a warrior class
  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29
    I asked for a shainsaw and i'll get one.Thanks NG!
  • Mgoff54Mgoff54 Member Posts: 145
    They are going to add a chainsaw in the update 3.0.Watch Pain Walkers videos on youtube
  • BonzakidBonzakid Member Posts: 29
    I know!You'll get one in the Guild Wars

  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
    This is already being done, now if only they can make the shotgun I want and deserve.
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 500
    @Renopwns , I like shotgun as a mesh (artwork) and I've advocated for it.
    Hunters already have it: gold large caliber. That behaves exactly like a buck shot, narrow choke shotgun.
    Assault already have it (metaphorically) in every weapon. Buck shot, wide choke.
    Point being: there's not much nuance left, in gameplay terms, for another weapon class. It's art and existing traits in new combinations.

    So the only task for NG is art, an animation change (If it's an Assault weapon), and a new firing sound.
    That might seem like easy update, but it's non-trivial.
  • RenopwnsRenopwns Member Posts: 139
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    That's probably how NG would handle it and although there isn't much justification for a whole new class, I still think it would be cool. They could have a charge attack that makes enemies bleed or something.
  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 500
    Zs don't bleed, but it's a good idea for the trait mix against Ss.
    (There's a trait that causes bleeding.... Right? Err... Hmm....)
    If not, it would be similar to on fire (again, except art).

    Don't get me wrong! I'm all in over the top on elements that increase the choices of tactics! I just know that the game-rule effect of shotguns is already A Thing (aside from that great bleeding idea!).
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