I cannot purchase things!!!!!!

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Im having problems trying to purchase the full gas for 24 hours. It says that i have insufficient balance but i have a balance of $10.32. I've never had a problem like that before till now. I need help!!!! S.O.S


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    @zbot i tried all those steps but none of them worked.
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    You might consider opening an overdraft account :p :D
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    Now seriously, there might be transactions pending on your account, that are keeping your account from being on + balance. That won't allow you to make any more purchases unless you're on approved overdraft account.
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    @anthony172 check on what @bladgier mentioned to see if you really have funds or add another method of payment to see if it works.

    Are you traveling or out of your home country? Sometimes there are limitations on purchases by your bank or country.
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    Im in my country. I use a playstore gift cards to buy my stuff in the game.
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    Problem solved guys thanks @zbot you can close this thread
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    Givecard or Giftcard?

    Not being a smart ass, I’ve just never heard the term but that has no impact on if it exists...
    That being said, if it’s a giftcard, you should be able to check the balance in the play store. Make sure the balance is enough to cover the cost + tax. That happened to me and it took emails back and forth with Google store assistance to get the to finally have an ‘Aha’ moment even though I had them confirm the balance and told the the cost of the app I was buying about 4 times. I think I got a different rep. He said yeah, the card had $10 and that was applied. However the app is$9.99 cents, when tax is added the cost is....

    I had a Son of a Canis lupus familiaris moment myself for not catching that to start with.

    Hope that help

    May you have a blessed day.
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