Distance motorpool bug

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Ok. This weekend’s Distance: motorpool mission showed a tank stun a savior for two turns and then stop his attack and come after my Sasha on the next turn. Is this a bug? I remember last week or the week prior putting your fighter top right corner in that sandbag area the walkers would walk past you. See that was fixed this week. Can this get fixed ASAP.


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    @avelardez There's been reported a number of times that freemen stunned by you are ignored by walkers, but that's not what happened here.

    Here's what it looks like to me:
    You moved your survivors, no attacks.
    Walkers' turn: fattie starts walking towards freeman scout
    Freemen turn: scout tries to come attack you, but as he runs past the fattie, the fattie gets a free attack on him and so he is stunned for two turns
    Your turn: you attack with ranged, making Sasha the closest survivor to the fattie who is not stunned, and then the fattie goes after your Sasha because the freeman is already stunned for another turn.

    I've never seen the AI work like this so it's just my best guess...

    Losing Sasha sucks. I'm hoping you had enough charges left on your other survivors to finish.
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    I agree, that’s most likely what happened.
    I also agree that it doesnt make much sense. Why should walkers not attack anything stunned?
    Stunning a freeman is dangerous as the walker attacking him will come after us. :(
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