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Ladies and gents,

You helped me out with my bruisers and assaults. Thanks again for that.
I now have two scouts and i really dont know which one i should pink. The problem is that i like them both and one day I want to pink one and the next day the other. So basically i have no clue . Your input is highly appreciated. Thanks


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    Crazy blade. He's got no strong which i would always say don't use but in this particular case, ruthless is what you need for a scout.

    Also his other traits are awesome.

    But then fury has got power strike.

    Think about your playstyle. Without d stance, power strike is not as good cause it'll give you less freedom with attacking without movement.

    Also you need as much luck as possible with scout, because they use luck based traits the most than any other class.
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    Two solid scouts. I've got a scout the same as CrazyB. He's good, but doesn't do as much damage as I would like (with 3 damage badges), and ruthless doesn't kick in until you build up a charge. But he's got ruthless over Fury, which nowadays is a deal-breaker. My favorite scout has iron skin, ruthless, strong, powerstrike, and luck. Dodge is good when it kicks in, but once you learn how to play without it, it's nice to have an extra damage bump instead of it--same with retaliate, it's not necessary. I'd keep both but wait for one that can do a bit more damage to promote to elite.
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    BOTH def both. They have two different features in I would damage reduction up fury and let her stand in the thick of things, while crazy would be damaged up to run long ways on map and hit that fatty with massive power. Both are very good tho. Fury is better suited not moving while Crazy can move.
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    If you're picking one it's gotta be CrazyBlade. I think you could wait a long time before getting another scout with better / ideal traits and for you're primary scout I'm not sure you don't have exactly what you need here. Personally I would not have any issue taking him to pink.
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    CrazyBlade is unicorn so choice is simple here.
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    IMO is Fury with an inch of difference. Have a vest with ruthless trait to improve better. You cannot rely on luck when you need it most.
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    I like CrazyBlade over Fury. I have a 2-Pink Elite Scout with the exact same traits as CrazyBlade. With the right combo of badges, CrazyBlade can be a great killing machine.
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    Both! Both! And you are done. No more scouts needed
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    Thanks again. I will put my tokens in CB first
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