Ghost upgrades.... unfair gaming

I just got attacked by 1 level 23 survivor and 2 level 24 survivors. That's bull. We just received the update on the 6th. It's no way someone can upgraded counsel, upgrade training grounds, then upgrade 2 survivors to attack me so soon. I know some spend money to upgrade but they should not be able to attack me. Let them attack people that's ranked like them.


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    They'll first need to collect some more points to actually rank higher :)
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    Wow that were some quick upgrades.

    Being a poor player with empty pockets, I need at least month to have enough tomatoes to upgrade my training grounds to next level.
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    I upgrdeded to 3 24s 1 day in bundles
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    I'm guessing it was a case of multiple posts being written at the same time rather than what seems like a coordinated effort to be disrespectful.

    I certainly didn't mean any disrespect.
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    Wasn't that hard for some maxed players who had full tomatoes to get the 20 million council going right when it was available.

    Then it was about 8k+ to gold rush the training grounds

    Many also had max Xp or can sell off some things to get Xp upgraded right away

    In total you could have spent about 10k gold and got a few level 24 survivors upgraded already
  • mobbiemobbie Member Posts: 154
    called coining all the upgrades
  • mobbiemobbie Member Posts: 154
    did it from 56 to 59
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