1 minute gas event

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why we get in crates after missions or after watchng films gas ??? in a 1 minute gas event ???
why i get 10 gas in daily quest??? in a 1 minute gas event ???


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    Why not? I still burn through my gas then have to wait 5 minutes to run another mission .
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    I knew someones gonna make that ridiculous complaint at some point hahah oh lord.
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    One day it's a female dog and the next it's a "bad word".
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    I almost feel sorry for the mods to have to see so many threads of the same topic to monitor and respond to.

    Per previous comments on gas drop rates during 1 minute gas, please note the response from Kaz.
    Kaz said:

    psychwolf said:

    Not a big deal and I'm not even complaining, but why do gas drop rates in mission reward crates increase during a 1 minute gas event? I remember this discussion in the past and I was assured it was just my perception. So am I actually losing my mind?

    Hey psychwolf!

    Of course, you are not losing your mind, dude, don't worry. I mean, we all are losing it little by little, but I don't think this is the case.

    And DLich is correct, the drop rates are there and they are dynamic, which means that if we change something in the game, the numbers you see in the drop rate table will change accordingly.

    My guess is that since we are running this event, your perception changes. Your mind will pay attention to the rewards you are not happy to get. In this case, Gas.

    When the event is not running, Gas becomes a good reward and, therefore, you don't really care about it. : )

    Long story short, the Gas drop rate was not changed for this event!

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