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I been playing this game for over a year and I noticed that the story missions have stopped when you reach the church. I think the game has a great story plot. If you follow the story line you encounter Daryl and he mentions that he has another group so he leaves. We know his other group is with my favorite hero Rick. I was wondering, once the story missions are up and running, are we going to encounter Rick and the others through the missions? Like maybe even team up with them and go to war against Negan like on the show?
I guess my question is,
What does Next Games have coming for us regarding the missions?


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    If they don't see it as profitable we probably will not see it. I mean that in all sincerity
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    I love how this thread is marked as 'answered' when it actually isn't.
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    If you don't mark it as answered you continually get annoying pop ups asking if the question was answered
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    What's that I hear??? That's the sound of crickets cherping in the background. Looks like NG just gave you an answer
    We will probably never see new story missions which is kinda sad...
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    Coming soon
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    @vshield50 Maybe NG has not said anything because they want to surprise us with upcoming new and improved missions. As players we seek to play and have fun. I dont know what happens in NG headquarters. Maybe they are just working too hard. Right fellas?
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    Coming soon
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