What are we grinding / working for exactly ???

So we grind in challenges to get more rewards / crates etc to get higher level for more guns and armor, upgrade our survivors to then get further in distance to then start the whole cycle again, but for what? Where are we headed? Whats next ?


  • hunter_xhunter_x Member Posts: 388
    That's why the developer's name are NextGame
    What's Next? Only them know
  • GuapoGuapo Member Posts: 990
    We grind because bread is awesome.
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  • flyingcowkingflyingcowking Member Posts: 409
    We grind for Guapo twattin. If there are no tomatoes there are no twattins.
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  • DBonesDBones Member Posts: 800
    I grind because it's what Daryl taught me to do.
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  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    How many innocent forest animals had to die in Skyrim before you could hunt dragons?

    Chasing down bears! That’s grinding!
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  • TechfallTechfall Member Posts: 168
    I'm hopeful for real pvp against other players rather than pointless outposts
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    It's an endless cycle
    I miss the days of finishing a PC game and putting it to rest
  • ChiefkeoChiefkeo Member Posts: 189
    We grind to full fill our quota of bad habits and addictions. So I play to avoid having to choose between, drinking, drugs, chasing women, Olympic level nose picking, synchronized butt itching, the choices are endless and I can't handle the pressure of choosing so I grind NML to remain the quivering coward that I am.
  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,295
    @Serp your post about the carrot kinda reminded me of this...

  • SerpSerp Member Posts: 620
    “Who runs bartertown!”-MasterBlaster
  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,295
    > @Serp said:
    > “Who runs bartertown!”-MasterBlaster

    Ruled by Auntie Entity, claimed by MasterBlaster.
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,168
    Pig said:

    As always, I work hard to progress in challenges and do well in the game for one and only reasons. It's all my personal direction and goal, so you might not be able to get on board. But for me, there's just one point to this or any other game. I play for the attention and admiration of all the ladies. Know what I mean?

    If it helps, you have the admiration of this lady. ;)
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