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    My survivors are level 22 and my best score is 1569 stars. The challenge is the only thing, besides the Distance , that higher players can play. We cant play the story mission because, a lot of us, already have completed it. The low players should focus in the chapters getting more experience for what's coming next. You can play the challenge but you never gonna be able to generate a lot of stars. Low players should learn in the way which traits are the best for beat the hardest missions, which badges should i place to my survivors, which hero are the best and for which missions. Its too hard complete a challenge with 1500 stars, it's to hard to complete the Distance in hard mode, i only be able to complete until missiom 19. Why? Because i learned which things should i use, which hero should i take for specific missions, which weapons are the best for each class.
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    @TheRealSavage... Easy enough high three average -2 and up 1 level each round. But then then Next Games would lose a lot of money on gas.

    If Next Games would like to be fair they would use a ceiling curve based on current toon level 23s max difficulty level (which might be different for every challenge but using the average excluding the one offs)... the -difficulty, +1 round per difficulty, +2 round per difficult, +3 round per difficulty should not be arbitrary but should be based on max gas produced over the challenge period that would allow a none cash toon lvl 23 player to reach max difficulty level.

    But because new challenge system seems so arbitrary and unfair... I’m assuming we are in ridicules star scores that none cash players could never get, also lvl 23/24 toon players have increased grind to be competitive not decreased.

    Anyway I really wanted to stay in practice... now... I’ll just pick up bad habits farming, the wrong toons traits doing outpost, and never want to spend money on gas for the challenge because I’m use to playing it for free.

    So in my opinion New Challenge System is unfair and unwise business move that discourages new customers.

    At the end of the day it’s Next Games business model for revenue generation that gets applied to the game.
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    I have been playing since the game started, level 67, and I AM NOT HAPPY with the new changes, I lost 700 stars on this fight it out challenge, instead of going forwards, I am going backwards. I ised to spend TONS of money on this game and now i see no point. I am a founder of a group of guilds and we are losing plauers for good! They are quitting the game completely, they've been with me obwr a year so yes they quitting the game, not leaving, they are fed up!! The rewards arent even as good as they used to be.....quit catering to those that have the money to spend every single day and look out for those that spend when they can and quit maling is go baxkwards!!! We were a top 50 guild on tje global leaderboard and now barely make it to 50.....this game is just getting worse and worse.......this isnt the first time we went baxkwards in stars bit i hope iys tje last and i hope you habe a new updayw soon going back to the way it was!!!!
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    @Treylynn But did you also go backwards in the highest RSL you reached? That's all that matters. Every single player in the game lost stars. Star counts are relative to the challenge parameters and they don't really mean anything.

    Rewards, however, are a valid complaint. I REALLY hope they boost the TG rewards a bit.
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    We are definitely short on TG. But the shorter challenge format actually favors f2p players. We don’t need 2 boosters per challenge to max out anymore to max out. It is still a little too long imo to max out without buying a booster. I miss the good old days of 1200 being a really good score.
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