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hi, I 've been playing this game, and as a D&D player, I must say it is quite entertaining ! it evolves pretty well and The developpers are interested in the user's experience ! but... since I like to play with my friends, I invited them in a guild and I would Like to have more interactions with them than simply share stars for events.
Would it be possible to enable a simple interface between players ?
- Give or exchange Gear, Weapons, Survivor to Friends/Guilde members instead of throwing them away
-Possibility during events to team up with Friends/Guild members online and to choose only one survivor each and play together in a map ?

what you think ? Give your opinions and ideas !!


  • NaketaNaketa Member Posts: 2
    -Playing PvP would be awesome too !
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    One of the main flash points for people seems to be the character drops. While I appreciate the radio tower was intended to improve this, it needs further clarification. IT IS and SHOULD BE difficult to pull Leg/Epic survivors but people are simply unaware of the odds. So...some in game info, stats, data, and record tracking of your drops, kills, weapons, gear etc would ground folks more in reality
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    My ideas (repeat, IDEAS):

    -PvP Areana (Player vs Player); stealing food, XP or gas per combat. You may randomly attack +-5 lv players.
    -GvG Areana (Guild vs Guild; each player control one simple character); stealing stars. You may randomly attack +-5 lv average guild lv.
    -Customize my characters per lv up (dodge, critical, defense, aiming, resting, movement, etc) or (Str, Vit, Luck, Agi, Dex)
    -More options for special abilities (not 1 fixed ability, but 3 eligible/random alternatives for each type of survivor).
    -More conditions (blind, stun , posion?, pushing back, broken leg (unable to move or less moving ability), broken arm (unable to attack for a period of time), fear (chance to flee), etc).
    -More interaction with scenarios (blocking plath, throwing objetcs, explosions, falling objects?, jumping, climb, swim?, etc)
    -More zombies xD (tanks, runners, Mvp?, armored, kids?, no legs, no arms, etc)
    -Not only overwatch while passing turn, but defend (half damage/blocking one attack? or other actions? change weapon?, run for double distance?
    -Human enemies?
    -More equipment? (Armor, weapong, head, arm, legs, second weapon?)
    -Guildmates image sharing? (equipment, survivors, etc)
    -Guildmates cooperation (challenges or missions)

    Let me think for another ideas.

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    There are sniping towers in the base, you guys should improve it so that we can put survivors up there and patrol the base. It kept in my mind for so long time ago. I wish you guys could improve it. As well as building up defenses for pvp if they trying to attack us. Mainly attacking and defending the base is much more interesting to the game. Similar like Clash of Clans, just that we need more firepower to defend the base. Alright! Attacking is like: Survivors need to sneak past the sniping towers or get caught by another group of survivors. Sneaky will actually success of stealing supplies. But if get caught, some of your survivors will give it to the other players. Unfortunately you will lose survivors. Then you can decide which survivors to leave it behind. Just like trading survivors to others, that sounds fun right? Next, we would hope for new gears and weapons for survivors. Thus, I got an idea of new class survivors. Straight to the point! Shotgun survivors, LMG survivors and explosives survivors like grenadier and rocket launchers. That would be awesome! Hope The Walking Dead No Man's Land would make changes according to my thoughts. Thx for the great game! I like it.
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    Could the memorial become a character stats instead?
    I would love to see how many kills my living survivors have individually.
  • OwlkapwnOwlkapwn Member Posts: 168
    This game is just begging for stats to be displayed in game. It would really drive competition amongst guilds and the community
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  • OwlkapwnOwlkapwn Member Posts: 168
    After putting up 200 stars in this current event I must say that the fuel mechanic needs to be addressed. I'm personally very use to such things in mobile games, but it's just a little too constraining and it's not keeping people in-game. They log in, log off, log in, log off, play, log off. Making money is fine, but you want to keep people playing your game. Most of my guild is simply aggravated, turned off, and hardly ever online. If they are, it's just for a little while then they're gone. It will hurt the title in the long run
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    I have yet to be bothered by lack of fuel. I tend to stretch my missions out as long as possible for maximum kills/XP, so by the time I am out of fuel I am sick of the game for the day and go on to other things.
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    Be able to switch skill on items of same class at cost of sacrifice item with purchased skill to replace skill on different item. No double skill on item of course.
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    This is just simple.
    When a player have multiple devices...logging in..(Fb or Google account) a player must be able to continue his/her progress in the game.
    Coz the problem is...once you are using a certain device and it breaks down..all our effort are just wasted.
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289

    This is just simple.

    When a player have multiple devices...logging in..(Fb or Google account) a player must be able to continue his/her progress in the game.

    Coz the problem is...once you are using a certain device and it breaks down..all our effort are just wasted.

    I can see this during a mission when I switch devices, but not in general.
    Which one did you refer to?
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