Distance Flaws

In the last month, every week, my characters are getting weaker and weaker, and more and more bugs pop up. My 20 level shoots and 21 level hunters which did over 4000-6000 damage are now only doing 1500 damage. Furthermore, the zombies don't feed on the fallen but rather keep going and take out my other guys. The whole point of gaming in this fashion is to see your characters grow. I understand that updates occurred, but even with the updates I was able to take out tough 30 level zombies, now I can't even take out a level 28? This is happening even after I put badges up and buffed them up. However no one in my guild complains or seems to care. Fix the bugs and make the game fun again. Level 21 shooters with piercing don't suddenly just do 1500 damage with both legendary guns and and gear are equipped.


  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 4,802
    This is how my game works too... take it easy. Upgrade and survive...
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