Oh yeah, BTW, Morbid Sinners hit 1 million stars last week!

Well done, Sinners!
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  • ArtisansArtisans Member Posts: 729
    Well done Morbid Sinners!
    Retired, but not entirely dead.
    "Really? Good luck with that!"
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068

    We all still miss you, too (and @SCBMA as well). :bawling:

    Thanks for the compliments - I'll always do my best to make everyone as happy as possible. Thanks for having played with us for a while and thanks for being a friend. :blush::heart:

    I'll let Sputnik know. :joy:
    Leader of Morbid Sinners and Morbid Spirits

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  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 684
    Congrats @Jaden!
    You are so committed and a great leader! Props to you and your peeps!

    SG Legion
  • AndriusAndrius Member Posts: 783
    congratz @Jaden and the Morbid crews!
    The EH family- where we have competition, fun and friendship.
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  • PutnumPutnum Member Posts: 3
    > @Mystique said:
    > Ps.. tell @Putnum for me, he’s a bully :joy:

    What's all this then!
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