Unlocks new offer?

What does that mean in the premium shop? A secret offer or the same offer again or just what does that mean?


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    He is referring to the " Spring break bundel". Look at the text in the yellow star.
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    No there is a bundle for 4.99 for 20 phones and 250 gold that says unlocks new offer, problem is this offer is worse than the 12.99 bundle for 60 phones and 800 gold.... Basically the second bundle after the 4.99 would have to pretty good to right that ship. But I don't trust NG and I am not taking the gamble
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    I think he means this:

    Well it's the beginning or first spot in the shop. It's free to be redeem between 3/30 and 4/3 at anytime. It's 24hr gas and double xp.

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    I think he means the offer in the bundle shop, of a few radios and some gold (the Spring Break bundle), it says "unlocks new offer" on that, just like it sometimes says "hero weapon" on an offer...
    I assume it means buying it will unlock an improved and more expensive version of the same offer, just like with the "special offer" of full supplies and loads of gold that gets more expensive the more you buy it...
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    Someone should buy it then post next bundle lol
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    Drunken said:

    Someone should buy it then post next bundle lol

    I'm waiting for the direct deposit to hit to get it. Hopefully somebody else beats me to it haha
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    I bet @Movado did
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    It’s another more expensive bundle
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    Picture didn’t post. 50 radios and 600 gold for £9.99
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    Special offer: Spend some money on a bad deal for the opportunity to spend more money on a slightly better deal! @skipwood71 does it give you yet another "Unlocks new offer!" star?
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    Here's some pics I found, U.S. $

    Assuming it keeps going for awhile

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    I don't like the currency conversion.

    Apparently we can get the same for $4.99 US as for £4.99 UK

    If they accepted Bitcoin they'd probably want 4.99 as well ...
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    Oh well. Mystery solved. Thanks for the info
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