Its is possible that my badge crafting system is bugged?

JuliusJulius Member Posts: 1
Well, im lvl 66 now, from the beggining of my badge crafting at lvl 15, im trying to get a single legendary, and so far i got nothing. Already crafted more than 20 badges with only legendary materials and got only epic badges. Now the game shows 50/50% so i doubt RNG would never give me an only legendary with this crafting rate... This is not Funny, its annoying spending hours of farming, and money to get materials and buy gas, and never have only a single reward for it. NOT FUNNY!
But im not here only to complain, i suggest NEXT GAMES create an upgrade for the craftsman, that improves the rating when you are using better quality mats. I pay for it NEXT GAMES !!


  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Unlikely it's a bug but definitely some terrible luck. I have heard of a couple of players who are yet to get a legendary badge so your not the only one.

    Hopefully your run of bad luck is over.
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    I have 0 legendary badges. Playing hours and hours a week and getting zero legendary badges. The system is bs.
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    I know others who get Legendary 3 out of 4 tries...

    (Profanity spills upon them)
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