Idea to make the heros more attractive so that we use them more often, possible new game strategies

We all know that heros have 4 general traits and 1 leader trait. We all have our favorite heros which we use as leaders to receive nice team improvements but unfortunately, most heros live in the shadow and are not used at all. That’s a pity considering that their leader traits are not useless but I would say less important than others. And since heros not in leaders position have max. 4 general traits they have disadvantages in compassion to normal legendary characters who have 5.

So the idea and I know that more people have proposed the same already, would be:

The leader traits of hero characters in the leading position would remain as usual. But in case a hero is in a non leading position, their leader trait would affect this hero himself only, in addition to the leader trait of the leading hero. For instance, Abe as leader in position 1 would boost damage and health of all 3 characters in the team. Other heros and their leading trait in position 2 or 3 would affect only themselves with their leader trait. Maggie - more XP for kills by her, Morgan - getting nice charging points from hits but only on himself, Michonne would profit alone from her threat reduction and swift strike bonus etc.

This would allow totally new strategies and we all would start using heros which we normally don’t. I am pretty sure that even Eugene would find his usefulness.

For some leader traits, this proposal wouldn’t easily work, like Aaron’s Teamwork or Governors Only The Best. These would need some adaptation for the individual setting. But they could be modified easily for the team positions 2 and 3. Teamwork in a non-leading position would affect only Aaron if he hits the same target 2 times or more. Only The Best would increase the mission rewards only to 1/3.

Daryl would be always the silent and critical hitter, Sasha the body shot charger, Rosita receiving always the damage boost for single targets, Tara healing herself, Morgan would be a real tank, Abraham and Jesus would get more health and damage etc.

What do you think?

Copying @Kaz, would be awesome to get his feedback!
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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,357
    I've said this in several other places in the forum and think it's an amazing idea. Would love to use my heros more buy there is just no point with the current lack of a 5th trait! Come on NG you know it makes sense!
  • mobbiemobbie Member Posts: 154
    Still would not use Tara till they fix her lead let us heal pass basted so we dont get 2 stars
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,366
    Longtime request that would make the game insanely better and more strategical.

    It goes against the "interactive jackpot machine" that NG apparently prefers though, which is sad for us players.

    NG also says this would consume development resources and they don't wanna "waste" any money on NML anymore - hence the huge amount of bugs not fixed etc etc.
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  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,098
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    This idea has been floated many times by the players. Like the other players, I also gave a similar suggestion in July 2017 to deaf ears. Here is the link

    In 2018, I again made the same suggestion in a reply to someone else post and once again it fell on deaf years.

    @Kaz any suggestion on this idea
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  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    I don’t understand why they don’t at least consider this. I feel like they would make more money. People would want to upgrade their hero’s now and, as a whole, I believe would spend more money in doing so. Also, they complain that we don’t use hero’s enough and that’s the reason for this half seasons hero weeks. To get us to use the less popular hero’s more.

    Well... this would be a great way to get us (actually almost force us) to use hero’s with much more regularity than we do now.

    @Kaz it would be greatly appreciated if we had some sort of feedback on this issue.
  • sbfsbf Member Posts: 466
    I thought this thread was about giving the hero avatars sexier costumes and perhaps a wind machine in front of them so we would be tempted to use them more... For example, Aaron's wearing a backpack and Maggie isn't even showing any midriff. Jeez.
  • jrodrf2jrodrf2 Member Posts: 320
    > @sbf said:
    > I thought this thread was about giving the hero avatars sexier costumes and perhaps a wind machine in front of them so we would be tempted to use them more... For example, Aaron's wearing a backpack and Maggie isn't even showing any midriff. Jeez.

    I thought the same! In all seriousness, I would definitely support the OP's idea, as many others have.
  • RufusRocks14RufusRocks14 Member Posts: 9
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    I like it. Some one make a poll!

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  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    Read the whole thing.. One question:
    Michonne would profit alone from her threat reduction and swift strike bonus etc
    So the other 2 would see a walker the Michonne does not? I can see Only Michonne would reduce walkers, but if she does then everyone benefits. Same with Daryle, if his shots are not heard, everyone gets the bonus of one less threat.

    I know, I know...

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  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,357
    @ShadowaceAz just because the outcome helps the whole team isn't a reason it shouldn't happen. Same as any trait for any person. Threat reduction in a scout doesn't mean that other people in a team can see a walker others can't. In current format michonne only has 4 traits which makes her next to useless if not in hero position! I know your only playing devils advocate but don't want to give the devs any get it clauses.
  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
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    It's definitely interesting and a good idea. But as any other good idea, we have to give it a bit more thoughts and check all the possible consequences. Maybe it requires an overall balance in the game, maybe not.

    I'll forward it to the devs! But as always, I can't promise any changes, but I can ensure you that you guys have been heard!

    And thanks everybody for the suggestions and feedback!
  • MischaMischa Member Posts: 87
    Thanks all for the feedback, would be great for all of us, for the players, for the revenues of NG...
  • DodkongDodkong Member Posts: 1,048
    Mabiki said:

    ...but I would forgive you for delivering the bad news while thanking you for your honesty.

    I said the same thing quite awhile ago about the ICELS event. I don't care if something (is removed/won't be removed/won't be added), that's fine, that's how a game will be developed. But after so much begging and pleading for it, throw us players a bone and tells us that the chances of such a thing happening is extremely unlikely. It gives players closure and allows us to move on from the subject, rather than dwelling on it and asking again and again and again and again, so on and so forth ad nauseam.

    Thankfully Shteevie did let us know that ICELS is effectively dead and bloated. And regardless that some still yearn for that event, we know to not expect it to return. Doing the same for the self affecting hero trait question/suggestion would be wonderful.
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  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    @Mabiki @Dodkong

    Well said. Both of you.
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