No more 4X XP?

I cashed in the free gas and XP gift and also bought the double XP IAP.
However instead of getting 4 times XP, I have double XP for another 24 hours!?
Is this a new change?
Having double XP for 2 days is ok but having 4XP kinda takes care of the XP farming grind.
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    Thanks! I didn’t know that, zivaolivia. Seems like it’s a distinction without a difference though.
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  • BohemianbobBohemianbob Member Posts: 31
    There seems to be as zivaolivia said, a distinction on the free XP bonus.
    I’m not getting 4X on kills. All I have is another 24 hours of 2X added to my free 2X XP bonus.
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    The free booster is exactly the same as a booster bought for cash. Like everyone said, you can only get 2 × XP

    (Except for Booster + Double XP for kills event which will give 4 × XP for kills only & 2 × for everything else.)

    It wouldn't make any difference if you bought 10 boosters at once, you'd still only get 2 ×
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    Agreed. The distinction is “the double XP for kills event” my mistake in not seeing the difference.

    Mods you can close the thread.
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