Brace yourselves! The storm of hate for the challenge is coming! lol



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    psychwolf said:

    Yep, major problem with revenge. Is it really that hard to program it so that Freeman aren't considered allies? I'm not even trying to replay missions where I take damage. Just get me to the next round so I can earn my round passes for next week and I'm done with this challenge.

    I decided not to spend any gold to heal, I agree with you. Just move on with my 2 stars and get to the miserable end of this challenge.
  • l2wannabel2wannabe Member Posts: 546
    Side note....what's with stunning the freeman and they still get a shot off? That's happened several times to me, really pisses me off.
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    To me, the challenging part of this challenge set is completing a map without getting bruised, which on some maps seems nearly impossible. This is due to game mechanics and bugs as mentioned by many above. It is also difficult due to the fact that it takes 2 hits minimum to kill a freeman while they run around and through walkers in their path to attack my survivors. And if my survivors attempt overwatch, all they end up doing is killing walkers, so I cannot use interrupt.

    Another annoying part of a few of these maps is having freemen on both sides of the map at the start and dropping my survivors in the middle. This basically renders all the cover positions unusable as my guys are "exposed". But the game mechanics still try to send me across the map, past walkers who will get a bonus attack on me, and drop me right next to a melee freeman who is in overwatch.

    Fortunately, I do have some upgraded armor with sniper harness that I use for my outpost defenders. It has proven handy during this challenge. I have managed to get to 28.2 and 4 round passes, dropping 2 to 3 stars per round along the way. Did not replay any as it was not due to incompetence on my part, just the unfair game mechanics allowing freemen to avoid walkers, pass by one of my survivors offered up as a target, to hit the one furthest away who happened to be most vulnerable. I will go no further as I will not get to the 5th RP without sustaining heavy injuries, and I will not use gold to heal from heavy injury.

    However, I did find that using a tanked up bruiser with near 10k health and 65% IS/DR helped. I run her out there to be target practice for the freemen as she has proven to be able to take 4-5 hits from lvl 27/28 freemen before bruising. And while having the bruisers come in pre-charged is nice, rarely are the freemen bunched up close enough to hit more than 2 at a time. And I can do that without the charge ability as I have a wide area bruiser weapon (winter hockey stick).

    @Kaz Maybe next time this challenge set is run it could coincide with a reduced healing event? (But only after the combat mechanics/bugs are worked out for better balance)
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    Gold Sniper Harness is a must if you don’t want to get bruised to much in earlier rounds. I don’t mind forced cover, on certain occasions, cause I need to take less damage from the Freemen, but if it try’s to put me in the wrong spot, then I’ll quick move and then post up and take my shot. It’s a tough week for sure.
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    Kaz said:

    My personal opinion, I do think it's a fun challenge and I was already predicting some negative feedback because it's something players are not used to. I wouldn't say it's harder though, (1) because with the right moves/tactics/strategy it's possible to go even further than you've gone in other "normal" challenges. .

    (2) Thanks for the feedback!

    *(1) Thank you for confirming that I simply suck!

    *(2) No, thank you for confirming I simply suck!

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    Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit

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    Wow, I pretty much agree with everyone on this Challenge, if that's what they want to call it. One thing for me is I feel like my playere hardly move any significant distance. Llike it's not bad enough that there are more Freemen tban your survivors, hardly any walkers to get in theit way (haven't seen one armored or fatty), and they sure seem to be able to move around much better than you. To say I hate this challenge is an understatement! I'm level 59, my survivors are still only level 20, but 5 stars with 5 star equipment and I'm only earning 2 stars after just round 6....thats just some serious.BS!
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    Sorry for my typos!!
  • andy75andy75 Member Posts: 262
    There are only two maps that are really tough. Preventative measures and the protect the box opener guy one. The others are just stun and run. Better have a lot of damage reduction though.
  • ChivoHuntrChivoHuntr Member Posts: 23
    This Challenge had me go to the IDGAF phrase from the get go. Least I got to skip the grinding phrase.
  • marie1980marie1980 Member Posts: 182
    Worst challenge ever,constantly in hospital, if i want to play I have to spend a lot of gold or wait hours,all my members are complaining, it's a boring challenge, where's the fun in this.I've been playing NML for 18 months and enjoy the challenge every week,hope NG takes the complaints on board and bins this one.
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    Yeah think this is basically difficult for those who are used to taking Sasha/abe and two assaults. Boohoo! At last a variation on that tactic. I'm level 19 survivors and player level 57 and storming it due to liking playing with bruisers etc. Cleared round 18 without losing a star and very few bruises. You should do a challenge where you can't use assaults, would really sort the wheat for the chafe! Only glitch thats actually a glitch is the freemen not getting stunned from a bruiser charge attack. Oh and incase it wasn't clear I'm loving this challenge set. But please let us know if it'll be part of rotation so we know it's worth keeping that bullet proof/sniper harness gear!
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    Papacas said:

    1. You and some of your guildies are indeed either very lucky or awesome players
    2. Your results could eventually be slightly not as good as you stated, at least on a regular basis.

    Now guess where my money is? Take a wild guess :-)

    My humble advise is that it is not the best of ideas to come to this forum and undermine other people’s performances. That’s just me, anyways....

    I'm not claiming to be awesome, I thought that was made quite clear, given that I bet against that likelihood. What I don't do, when I encounter things in the game that I wasn't prepared for, is blame the game. I learn. What I see here is people blaming the game. Very noisily, and in some cases very petulantly.

    If someone's argument is just "I lost some stars, the game is crap" and other people are not losing stars, pointing out that there are other possibilities is just being honest and realistic.

    If you see me starting a thread here about how the game is betraying me and I'm upset, you'll have a point. As it is...
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    Now, I know people point and laugh with at me, however, I need to point out that I found this to be a rather unexpected surprise.

    Little sneaky bastard just walked away from the gate altogether so he could charge up and attack me while his two friends are still hidden in the dark behind the wall.

    Since he abandoned the gate and charged. I assumed all others were dead. So much retaliation and crap flying I couldn't tell people died except that I was charged up.

    Anyway, went to finish him off and setup for the spawn wave and got sucker jumped by warrior and scout that were hiding.

    Walked away with 1 Star and 2 hours downtime.

    Would you consider that a @Kaz & @Shteevie ?
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    The_Jer said:

    @Boukephalos Oh I do have a point, maybe you do not agree with it, which is quite different. It all comes down to personal taste and yes, I do not like this challenge. It does not fit my play style. Is that wrong? No, it is not. You like the challenge because it forces you to go out of the box. Is that wrong? No, it is not.

    No argument there. If somebody doesn't like an aspect of the game, that's their business. Nobody has to like melee or ranged or raiding or any of it. That's not what I've been arguing about.

    When you pretty much stated that @Jenng was playing subpar, you crossed a line, one that you did not need to cross at all. It went besides the point and it was uncalled for. Again, that’s just me
    If the argument is "The game is wrong" and the justification is "I'm hardass, so it must be wrong", the person making it is setting themselves up for that. There isn't really anywhere else to go to argue against it.

  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    It's the Preventative Measures mission that is going to end most players challenge this week. There are just too many raiders to kill without help from the walkers and the spawn once you get to about +6 or +7. I am really enjoying the other five missions using Morgan and my two best bruisers. I just accepted getting only 2 stars much earlier than normal, and moving things along.
  • axl144axl144 Member Posts: 61
    This challenge is very...challenging :)
    For who is usually bored by the weekly normal challenge this is actually a good thing. What's the point in playing round after round over and over without a minimum of satisfaction?
    This is actually a good think.
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