So how many here sign into these boards with FAcebook, giving NG all your FB data?

I know I just log in normally.
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    Who travels around the Internet without logging out of FB?

    Who belIeved FB didn't harvest excessive personal data?

    I hope people didn't use it for messaging on a mobile app ...
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    They'd have my wrong birthday and a bunch of pictures of my kids. Some I guarantee they wouldn't want to see. I'm particularly thinking of the time my <1 year old was on antibiotics and had a blowout only produced by such medicine. I captioned it, "The things they don't tell you in parenting classes."

    Facebook doesn't have my SSN or anything that couldn't be obtained by talking to me and being my friend.

    I think people freak out a little too much over silly things. Now, stealing my cc info is a different story. Had that happen and it sucks.

    That being said, I think I just use a normal password to log in here.
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    Facebook has MUCH more than could be obtained by being your friend.. unless you give your friends access to your internet search history, private photos on your device, the right to send or receive texts on your behalf , your text history, phone call history , passwords, etc etc .
    FB has ridiculous permissions to data mine every part of your personal life and FB messenger is even worse, many apps do , but FB particularly is very bad . Climb down the rabbit hole sometime and look into your app permissions if you don't believe me . It's impossible to avoid these days if you own a smart phone.. but still, I try to let people know when I can
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    @Japes87 I agree with orbits versions of android, the default OS only allowed an all or none permission setting. Even with the newer android versions, I'm sure many users just give access whenever. I'm not one of those.

    Take a look at my rabbit hole....
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    Orbits, lol. Smartphones they call them... "Older" is what I meant.
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    The fbi has already contacted traumatized and me calling me a sick SOB so they definitely check your search history :sweat_smile:
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    It looks like it's time to trash my Samsung S5 haha
    Cheers man
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    > @Japes87 said:
    > @thisdoesfine
    > It looks like it's time to trash my Samsung S5 haha
    > Cheers man

    Indeed, or you could look into custom Android OS, usually by rooting your device etc. Lineage OS has been my goto, used to be cyanogenmod. My current phone has no root support, unfortunately. Won't make that mistake again. Just Google lineage os s5 if you are interested in the how to etc.

    Good luck
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    It is also a matter of what users want.

    Easy finding and adding your current contacts? Facebook needs permission to use your contact list.

    Snapping a photo and sharing it straight from Facebook app? It needs permission for you camera.

    Sharing from gallery? It needs access to that.

    Tagging location to your post? Sure it needs to track your location for that.

    So the problem it seems to me is not so much the fact that there are permissions, but the question of how those permissions can be used.

    That said. I don't trust them and have less faith particularly in the Facebook community. So I'm not there.
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    I’m glad I asked this question
    Guts & Glory, not always in that order.
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    I did it for the badge man!

      Only 200 more to go for my free phones!!
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    Normal, but I do have Facebook synced to my No Mans Land
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