Brace yourselves! The storm of hate for the challenge is coming! lol



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    Thanks NG for a different and fun challenge! It was fun!
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    I'm using epic Dwight, legendary assault with bullet dodge, pink star bruiser, all with bulletproof on their armour. I'm actually liking not getting 1 star as there is no struggle (yet) level 24 atm and probably need to shift some badges around as the bruiser isn't stunning all freemen now.
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    I'm using my best survivors, level 21 with levelled up weapons and armour, trying different combinations of classes, as I normally use shooter,Hunter,machine gun combo, struggling like hell,getting 1 stars now.I get why some people like the change this week,but not much fun when it's TOO MUCH of a struggle.
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    @Boukephalos mate, if by now you did not realize you have been rude, I cannot help you. Good luck with that
  • PapacasPapacas Member Posts: 416
    By the way, on RSL30 or 30.1 I saw a new X-men bug: a Freemen hunter shot twice in the same round! It was actually fun. That hunter first attacked a walker and i was happy for not being targeted. Then he took a small sprint a shot poor Merle who almost died.

    That freeman was the only hunter amongst the enemy and my only hunter was using an xbow. So even if my eyes tricked me, he fired twice for sure. Merle is my witness hehe
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    In my guild, @vshield50 already has 2355 stars and its still one day to go. @slayer is definitely putting pressure on him to go beyond rsl 40. But these guys are supermen, and we can just admire their gameplay.
  • TRUFAtwdnmlTRUFAtwdnml Content Creator Posts: 150
    Less stars = less prices
    People in my Guild are losing motivation.. and I see people leaving the game for everywhere...
    I think NG is trying to kill the game in some decorous way...
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    Jaden said:

    Using different strategies is nice if you can afford the resources... Otherwise you are screwed.

    For most of my early game, Darryl or Negan were the leaders for anything because that's all I had. Until very recently, Rosita was my leader for all things ranged because Abe is useless till epic. Jesus has been my leader for all things melee since I got him to epic because Michonne is a long way off for me. Rufus, Aaron and Carl are distant dreams. This is the very first time Morgan has been any good to me.

    But this (a similar sequence, not necessarily the same one) is the story for everybody. How can that be news?

    Alas, I had to focus on whom I use most.
    Well, so have I. But I've been willing to change my focus as new opportunities arise. I thought that was the only way it could be done, given the game design. I have more opportunities than I did earlier in the game, there are still many options not open to me yet. That's the way of the game, I thought. Am I stupid?

    Despite that and despite not sinking $$$$ into radio calls, I manage to play a diverse game. What am I missing? Am I deluded to be satisfied with what I get from playing different strategies? I thought I'd found significant advantage in developing both ranged and melee styles (on most challenges, one team can be doing missions while the other heals) . Am I kidding myself?

    Now tell me how this has nothing to do with how the game is designed.
    The game is absolutely designed to require you to be patient and do the best you can with an imperfect team unless you're willing to spend cash. That's the business model. You either develop a way of reaching satisfactory goals despite the limitations or you hand over a lot of money.

    Now, you seem to have reached a point where you're not satisfied by the achievable goals. Thing is, I and people like me think what's on offer this week is entirely within the reasonable parameters of the game. More than that, we think the game should have been exploring the game's parameters more broadly more often.

    One of us is going to be unhappy with the way NG reacts to feedback from this week.
  • Kater_CarloKater_Carlo Member Posts: 15
    Hi out there,
    what really annoys me is that I'll miss 5 (five!) trophy's per day ( 1 for the 12 challenge-missions and 4 for all daily missions) and 5 Morgan-Tokens per day.
    Why do there have to be so many Freeman? Three of them and a bunch of walker would do the trick, wouldn't they?
  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 1,090
    Give us the same move and shoot as the freemen and everything's ok.
  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
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    Jaden said:


    You keep repeating how much better you are than everyone who dislikes this challenge is..

    I haven't said that once. All I''ve said, in response to people saying this challenge is terrible and impossible, is that it demonstrably isn't because some people are handling it. I don't grouse when the challenges are hard for the way I''ve chosen to prioritise the always-limited, never-enough resources in the game. If this thread had been full of people just saying "I'm finding this one tough, doesn't work for my set-up, isn't the way I like to play" then it'd have been largely empty of me. "I and my toons are awesome, how can I be losing stars?", on the other hand...

    You are just unwilling or unable to understand that your circumstances are not everyone else's.
    You've been determinedly ignoring most of what I wrote, if you think that. To make it clear, I'm not criticising anybody for finding the challenge tough, I'm not arguing with people who don't like the challenge or saying they should like it, I'm not criticising people who balanced their teams differently - there are always trade-offs - I'm criticising the all-to-frequently-repeated argument that the challenge is just crap because they find it tough. That is an attitude that says either their circumstances are everybody's or that nobody else's matters.

    Does that make sense? Or are you so wedded to the idea that I'm a malignant force in this thread and you have to defend the innocent?
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    I actually enjoyed this weeks past Challenge. Although I didn't get the star count that I normally get. I didn't feel like I was grinding either. It gave me a chance to use Surviors that I normally don't use.
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    You never said "I am better than" but maybe you should re-read what you wrote to Jenng for example - and maybe, just maybe you will see how you come across.

    And I read the whole thing and most of what I see is people saying "I hate this challenge", "I find it..." etc. - so maybe we have read two different threads? Or we've just read it from a different perspective.

    You actually did criticize people for not enjoying this challenge and therefore not wanting to play it: "Sitting this one out? Jeez. You lose and get to look petulant at the same time."

    I am not defending "the innocent", but after stating my very personal opinion you attacked me and my opinion. If you think you didn't, well - it certainly felt very hostile.

    Not every post you made in this thread has been hostile, I am not saying that. But some were...
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    Jenng said:

    I joke about my mediocre-ness but in reality I consider myself somewhat of a badass. I actually do play with strategy and I have a little skill and luck on occasion but I’m frustrated with this challenge and not because it’s “challenging”. Challenging I could deal with, this is just ridoodoodiculous.

    If a lvl 22 pinked up bitchnuts along with a 2 pink assault, 2 pink shooter , 2 pink bruiser , fully badged to the gills with every perfect option can NOT escape unbruised from lvl 22 opponents , I’ll be damned if that doesn’t make me a little perturbed.

    The hate is flowing at this point.

    My toons are level 19, I don't have any 2-pinks and yet I managed a clean sweep all-3-stars round against level 22 opponents. I'm not the only person in my guild or on this forum who can make the claim. Given that, the options are
    1. Those of us who are doing well in this challenge are amazingly awesome
    2. We're not awesome but incredibly and consistently lucky right now
    3. Whatever you're doing with your toons on this challenge, badass it ain't.
    My money's on option 3.

    There's a wide range of ways to play this game, but a lot of people stick to one portion of that range. They can do that and get away with it, most of the time, because the challenges have mostly let them. Along comes something different and a lot of people are complaining. If the complaint is that there hasn't been enough variety, that people should have had more incentive to develop broader playing styles and more options in their survivors great; let's have this challenge back more often and see some others that mix things up a little; then people will *have* to start trying more things. If the complaint is that this kind of challenge happens at all, nuh uh.

    This challenge is not impossible. It isn't even that hard. The Freemen are still a little unpredictable but nothing like as bad as they were last time this challenge came round (check the bug list thread to see how things have improved); there are ways to make those eccentricities unimportant.
    Well aren't you THE MAN and I say that sarcastically!!!
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    Worst challenge ever for already mentioned reasons. Stopped playing at around 800 stars, lack of motivation and tired of spending gold for healing.

    I don't know if somebody faced the same issue but once a freeman attacked me even though he was still bruised. This kind of freemen-superpower is just hilarious.
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    l2wannabe said:

    Well aren't you THE MAN and I say that sarcastically!!!

    Pro tip: sarcasm doesn't need subtitles.

  • l2wannabel2wannabe Member Posts: 546
    And again.....aren't you THE MAN!
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    Sarcasm always uses subtitles when it sarcastically wants to!!!!!!,)~
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