Building up Sasha

Hello! I’m new to the forum & looking for advice on building up Sasha with badges to help me go further in challenges. I have badges of the same shape that would give her great health (453, 537 & 15%) but would sacrifice her damage badges. Only ones I can pair with the health ones are 438 and 15% CD. So my question is, which is more beneficial for her leader trait, mad health or more damage, or should I just leave her as is for now?
Thanks in advance!


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    Thanks @CBgaming1969. I appreciate the response.
  • aquilaaquila Member Posts: 262
    @HuttSlayer23 , i'm using a similar setup for sasha. I need the damage badges too, because she is my main hunter.
  • HuttSlayer23HuttSlayer23 Member Posts: 159
    I appreciate the responses @nadecir and @aquila , Thanks!!
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    piercing is useless with leveling being 7+ higher then yours anyway. few ppl with lukck.
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    Damage is ALWAYS better than critical damage (under equal circumstances). When you have a critical hit, both do the same. When you have a normal hit, only regular damage works.

    Health or damage depends on how much hits she'll get. If you have someone else taking all the hits, I'd definitely go damage on her.

    Piercing is up for debate. Both sides have their own advantages.

    running skull luck and %60 body shots and still has bit dmg.
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    Not sure what you are trying to say.
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    Not sure what you are trying to say.

    Saying what I run as the weapon for her. as for mods i just done hp % and dmg% and points
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    I like my Sasha with Critical Damage badges, damage reduction and health.
    I start using her when I'm +6 RSL and beyond. She uses an incendiary rifle. At high RSL damage isn't really killing walkers is incendiary + charge attacks. Charge attack is always critical so I'd rather prefer her with Critical Damage than just damage.

    I rely on fire, and charge attacks to kill. I don't want piercing because I'd prefer to have a chance to get a charge attacks.
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    I badge Sasha up with crit damage and crit chance. High chances for critical hit, and when you get it, it’s a powerful blow. When you don’t get it, at least the bodyshots get her closer to the next guaranteed crit hit.
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    Have you tried mixing some components or all of them.
  • HuttSlayer23HuttSlayer23 Member Posts: 159
    @Mgoff54 are you referring to creating the badges, or placement on team?

    Thanks to the free badge swap, I was able to give Sasha much better badges than I Previously had on her.
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    @WellyLuga +70% pierces my heart
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    Referring to creating badges
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    @Mgoff54 I usually do mix different components. I’ve even tried mixing rarities, and always get screw on that. Nearly all of the time I get an uncommon critical chance badge. I have found no rhyme or reason to the outcomes. It’s always a gamble. Good luck with your crafting!

    I will say it is INFURIATING to use all Legendary, and end up with a lesser badges.
    👀 I’m looking at you NG!! 👀
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