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    Hey y'all...I just started having this problem about a week ago...been playing for over a year...tried waiting n cleared my cache...still no ads...tried finding the reset ads...finally found it under google services n it worked til now...tried resetting it a few luck n I'm on an android phone...don't really wanna re-install...but I do miss my ads
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    @ChivoHuntr @mostlydead, if my memory serves me correctly, cinema starts after × number of buildings are built and that's what unlocks the cinema or something to that effect. Maybe completing chapter 1 missions...

    It was something other than a week of waiting and cinema had to be unlocked.
    It has been awhile maybe @kaz or the help desk or someone else here might remember for sure.

    @msrebecca I will tell you I had a Lot of trouble with ad's for over a week and nothing worked, then one day the reset trick started working.

    But new players have to unlock cinema first..

    Any luck yet?
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    @CBgaming1969 Hey thanks for the additional information. I just unlocked Chapter 9, and have 17 buildings. (counting every structure)

    I wish they would post an official answer as to what the requirements are for the cinema functionality to be enabled, since there seems to be so many theories :smile: Does it actually come back and tell you that the Cinema is unlocked at a certain point, or is it just randomly unlocked once you meet these hidden requirements?

    Also.. when you say your ads were not working for a week and then started working, during that time period were you missing the option to play ads during the post game screen, or did you have an option but it wasn't functioning? Just trying to collect as much diagnostic data as I can since I have never seen the feature even enabled in my game.
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    I was missing everything cinema and after missions crate watch free for 3 @mostlydead have you sent a message to the help desk yet?
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    If once you get the after mission video's and the get stuck, screen goes black or anything hookie, just exit the game and restart I use the close all app botton on my phone then reopen game and it brings you back to where you where at...
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    Your cinema would have unlocked by now with that much done @mostlydead
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    @CBgaming1969 Thanks. Yeah for whatever reason I have never had the option to open an ad (no option on post game and cinema tower has never been clickable) so I'm guessing it's not a stuck issue. I did just do the 'Contact Us' option within the game outlining all the steps I've taken in case they can assist there. I assume that is what you meant by the help desk? I will keep everyone posted once they reply, and thanks to all for the troubleshooting help so far.
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    Yes @mostlydead that's what I refer to as the help desk and some in the forum refer to as putting in a ticket.

    Happy walker killing and hope you get ad's soon, every little bit extra helps:)
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    @mostlydead I'm having the same issue, today is my 1 week anniversary, have to see between today and tomorrow if it will fix. I agree who ever thought I'd be like wtf where are my ads, normally I'm like damn ads go away lol
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    @ChivoHuntr @CBgaming1969 @ShadowaceAz @David_H79 @SCBMA

    Well good news, it looks like it started magically working this morning! So perhaps it's a 10 day waiting period before the ads start functioning? Thanks again everyone for the troubleshooting assistance and I hope some of the information here helps others in the future.
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    Awesome news!!
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  • ChivoHuntrChivoHuntr Member Posts: 23
    Sounds like my ads might work anyday yippee
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