Include Fear characters!



  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    Well no ftwd characters. Just Andrea :p :p <3
  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
    T_storm69 said:

    My responce to adding any new heroes will always be Nnnnnoooooooo. Unless they are already legendary. Full 5 stars. Half the cost to upgrade. And the free call is the 15 radio. Then I'm all in. Better yet, make a fear the walking dead. Stand alone game!!

    This. No more heroes until a way of addressing the token pool dilution problem is found. I'm not surprised @Pain_Walker reacted with sarcasm. This question keeps being raised, the problems it would cause are pointed out each time and the more-heroes-pls team just ignores it. For God's sake, if you all have so much enthusiasm for this idea and so much energy to waste in repeating the request, could you not expend some energy on a fix for the problem? Come up with a workable solution first, then ask again.
  • RoadRashRoadRash Member Posts: 180
    I'll quit the game should that happen.

    Too many heroes as it is, and I joined to play "The Walking Dead" not "Fear the Walking Dead".

  • mobbiemobbie Member Posts: 154
    andrea or Shane ain't coming. if they where they would have been in the game 2 years ago.
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    For everyone else,
    there is a city that celebrated the other version.

    Descensus in cuniculi cavum
    Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit

  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    > @ShadowaceAz said:
    > #Andrea#Shane ;)
    > You crack me up!
    > Just for you and all your fans @anthony172

    Thanks for this.
  • mik81mik81 Member Posts: 360
    I don't think that all heroes are useful... I mean yeah, of course you can use it. But the only ones I'm really looking into improve are: Abe, Sasha, Michonne,Rufus and Morgan.

    There are others that can be used but they aren't as optimal as above: Jesus, Merle or Rosita, etc...

    I use 90% of the time Abe and Sasha, the other 10% is Rufus, Morgan or Jesus (No Michonne)

    Currently we not only have the tokens dilution problem we also lack badges(good ones) for all the heroes. So it really make sense to only focus on the good ones.
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    I believe there's only one solution to the hero dilution problem without overhauling the game, which I'm positive won't happen . Regular double hero events and radio events . If this doesn't start happening within the next while in the game, people will leave the game . When progression stops , so does interest (unless there's a ton of new regular content to play with)

    I love this game, but this is and has been the single biggest issue that the community and game developers face . We are at a point now where the current radio call options won't get anyone's heroes over one pink star and pushing it for many heroes at that. Adding new heroes is something new players love , and veteran players shouldn't have to cringe at it
  • ChivoHuntrChivoHuntr Member Posts: 23
    What about Beth?
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