Outposts strategies from beta users

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@Teeceezy @TK-421 let me know if this is allowed. If not please delete.

So everyone has equal footing. Beta users, feel free to add.

1) There are three sections to your outpost map. The first section you can place walkers - tanks or armored. The second section has your flags which the attackers are trying to capture. You can place tanks and armored here as well. The third section is separated by a gate. Here you can place your survivors to defend your crates. (Some maps differ slightly, but this is the general gyst.)

2) Attack, attack, attack.

3) Placing a high-level bruiser in offensive mode behind your gate is a good strategy. Two bruisers is better.

4) For the most part, your B Team will be guarding your outpost. Your A Team still needs to attack outposts and conduct regular missions. But, when you sign off and go to bed for the night, adding A Team members to outpost defense seems to be a good strategy.

Lots more when I think about it, have more time and am allowed.


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    Not much point to posting yet as things may/will change, and its going to be awhile to get a lot of it fixed
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    how can you add A team members to outpost defense? only 3 survivors can be put to outpost, right?

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  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    He's saying switch them in before you quit for the night
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    Some good points, thx for sharing.
    Sure, things will change, but this keeps us longing for the release of outposts. :smile:
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    The counter defense to a bruiser behind the gate is an assault with stun. Open the gate, stun and then blast the bruiser.
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    @jester Awesome post!
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    Great info thanks @jester
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    @jester, the thread still alive I guess it was allowed, but I think it should be moved into the Outpost section of the forum. If this is still true when Outpost go live it can move back out.
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    I'm curious as to what crates we're defending / trying to capture. Are these items that we currently have in our inventory or items provided at random Iike after a mission?
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    It's just a glowing lockbox that takes a couple turns to open, since you have 7-10 turns to complete opening the crate and killing defenders before time expires.

    Just remember everything in beta is subject to change til its released
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    the crates hold your booze and influence.. defend it if you dont want it taken away from you..

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    And, you don't have to build an outpost and play that portion of the game. But if you build an outpost, you're in.
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    Im so confused am I playing a completely different game? Cause my no mans land has none of this?
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    @Nikkim outpost is in closed beta. Only a small number of players have it. Yes it's a totally different 'world' so none of it has any effect on the real game we are playing. Nothing to be concerned with.
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    No quarter given. None requested.
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