Camp/tower advertisements game.

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I'm sorry, I was going to post a pic of a legendary badge fragment pulled from a camp ad.
Stupid android, unfortunately Chrome has stopped working.

Let's see the holy shit I can't believe I got that from there screenshots.


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    I've actually gotten some incredible finds from cinema ads. I've gotten at least 2 legendary fragments, and a couple of weeks ago, I scored a legendary L24 hunter rifle with silver caliber, gold piercing, and gold incendiary - a beast of a gun :). I had screenshotted (is that a proper past-tense verb?) it and posted it somewhere here in the forum but don't remember where, and I no longer have it in my phone/ipad. I like the idea of this thread - next time I get something good, it'll go here :)
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    @SCBMA Got one very similar :smiley:
    Sadly it's lower than my survivors so no use at all :neutral:

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    I got common tomatoes and a knife to chop them with :smile:
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