Purchase Problems / Anyone have advice?

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A guild member is having this problem (see pic) and asked me for my advice.
I have given a link to CAN'T PURCHASE IOS PAGE and told him to contact support with screen shot. I have also warned him that support will not likely reply till Monday. Does anyone have any other advice?
@David_H79 @zbot maybe?

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    I was going to suggest #4 but its already there
    I haven't used apple store in ages (being android) But i do remember getting (legitimate) emails saying i need to update my details in the apple store I think they like you to change password frequently maybe worth him logging into the store some time

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  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,912
    @TJS I have received that error when I enter the wrong password for my itunes account when making a purchase. Has your guild member previously made purchases in the game?

    This is from Apple but it's more or less the same thing on the support website.

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    Thanks everyone.

    @zbot , I believe he has but I'll pass all this info on and hopefully it'll help.

    Much appreciated!
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    Also, if they updated the TOS agreement since he last purchased, or if the CC they have assigned has expired. I got hit by both those at times.

    I never remember to update every location when my CC is renewed.
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    Support talked me through an incident like that.. had to reboot my phone and all was well!
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    @TJS has the issue been resolved? Also could you ask your guild member to check their setting to see if their game is connected to Game Center?
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