Is Abraham any good?

Let's think together.
In the leader position he will boost the dmg and health of my hunters. Ok, that's nice. But is it actually incredible?

OPTION 1 - If facing an enimie 2 or 3 lvls higher then you.
In this situation, the damage assaults do won't even matter. So you should use Sasha or Carl or any other hero(depending on ur strategy) as leader, and use your assault only to stun the enimies. So it doesent matter if you are using Governor, Rosita or Abraham.

OPTION 2 - If facing an enimie weaker then you.
Well, if it's weaker, you should use the Governor in the leader position and get more XP/Suply.

So, in both scenarios, The Governor beats Abraham.

Would someone explain to me why so many chose Abraham over the Governor? It just doesn't make any sense!



  • kamilowatykamilowaty Member Posts: 148
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    Hp/Dmg Boost to all ranged.Very good with second assault in team.As hero he has a bit more base hp and dmg than regular assault.He could be pure tank with badges and Hp leader bonus (Defense stance+Iron skin traits) or hybrid with dmg+dmg res+hp.He is also good with Sasha in one team as regular survivor (optional) Overall very usefull character for rotation.
  • iamedgeiamedge Member Posts: 68
    What level is your Abe at op?
    With great badges and gear, (piercing is important like Bladgier mentioned) I run Abe as leader through true +4 and he's incredibly effective
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    Abe is a very optimal lead for mid to hard difficulties for all range teams together with piercing weapons he will get you close to Sasha's optimal difficulty rounds...with piercing he can get you to +5/+6 or slightly higher walkers...
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    When my Governor can no longer get me extra goodies, I switch to Abe as relief hitter.

    Which is great, cause we all know how good he is with a bat. (Note not going into detail so as not to make a spoiler)
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  • aafr99aafr99 Member Posts: 161
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    So, long story short, what you guys are saying is that Abraham is a hero worth having in fights that are to hard to the Governor to go, right?(+5/6 lvl)
    If you put the best badges and weapons in the Governor he might be able to carry you to +3/4lvl fights.

    Should I put the best badges in the Governor to keep him goind further or in Abraham, to have an alternative to Sasha as leader?

    Is my thinking correct? Or am I missing something? :)

  • The_JerThe_Jer Member Posts: 293
    I use Abe frequently, but usually NOT in the leader spot. Sure, he gives my other ranged a damage and health boost when in the leader spot, but by the time they need that boost, it ain't enough (+4/5). At that point, I put Sasha in for her leader trait. But his other 4 traits are decent and he has an inherent damage/health increase vs a non-hero survivor. I do have him at level 24 with a single pink star and his damage is near 6k and health near 8k when equipped with the proper badges/gear. Better numbers than the double pink non-hero assault I have
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    @aafr99 the Gov is a stronger assault outside of leader than Rosita is my best assault, Gov is my second best even though he is epic and my Abe is I try to spread badges around...Sasha is my best hunter...

    My main challenge team is 2 assaults and a those 4 have my best badges...I give them the best complete set badges per same set for the Gov badges are a little better than my Abe as I use Gov more...Rosita and Sasha have my best badges as I use them most every mission...
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,641
    My rational...

    As some mentioned, most heroes have niche roles, and none of them are necessary.

    Except Sasha.

    And Sasha doesn't need to be high rarity to be useful.

    And the rarity of hero tokens means heroes are unlikely to compare with normal survivors at the highest difficulties due to the body shot wall, lacking pink stars needed to push through them.

    That said, the double token event helps alleviate this somewhat. But even so, if your wanting to make a particular hero competitive with your uber mega team, you need to focus all your radios toward that hero.

    I've put thousands of radios into my Abraham and he's not yet 8-star, while a few of my regular survivors are. And now it will likely be several months if ever that we see another Abe double token event. I'll surely have a 9-star shooter before I have an 8-star Abe.

    Why did I chose Abe?

    Mostly because all of my trade goods go toward my Hunter and shooter, and I rarely invest much in assaults. So the idea of getting double tokens for a useful class I normally don't invest in is attractive.

    And Abraham, Governor, and Rosita are all good choices. I chose Abe because I like a tank, and Abe had more overall usefulness as a elite combatant.

    But for any of them to be useful, you have to pick one and pour everything into that one.

    My opinion.

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  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    NCDawgFan said:

    Sasha is extremely squishy and has to be protected at all times where Abe is a tank. That's the biggest difference to me, although I use Abe and Sasha more than any of the other heros.

    1) I'm not able to find any flaw in the description, except maybe change squishy to soft?
    2) sounds like most people I know
    3) This is why Sasha and Abe made such a great couple
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  • kamilowatykamilowaty Member Posts: 148
    Sasha as dmg dealer and Abe as tank are like yin and yang.Ta-daa!
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