How do some players get thousands of stars In a event? How do people get upgraded so fast?

I would like to know how some players have such advanced ranks and get sooooo many stars!


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    What @Jenng said, plus gold to speed up healing.
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    I forgot to mention gold! So what @JayZ said and I said previously :p .....also what @ekimhclew emoji’d and @Serp and @wrinkled_bag meme’d

    Or not. Lol

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    What everyone above said + add a lot of

    Descensus in cuniculi cavum
    Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit

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    That’s a bit much Joe. You stupid prick!!!

    Much love, Mizz
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    Reality has set in on me after playing 2+ years
    (actually it set in long before now, but I still play)
    What is the payoff in this game?

    You can't earn money and pay the rent like you can in other pro games on the PC
    It's a huge time suck
    It cost money if you want better weapons/gear offered in the store

    There's no real payoff, only liking the game and wanting to play it
    Ok, you can stroke your ego because you got more stars than someone else
    That's not really a payoff in reality, just mental masturbation

    So it really seems silly to get all wrapped up in competing on a mobile game like this
    If you want to go all pro and get seriou, go play real games that you can actually become a pro player with sponsors and real money payoffs

    It's just a silly mobile game
    So play it if you like the game and don't worry about how other people get the number of stars that they get :)
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