Rick Grimes Spotlight

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    JayZ said:

    Are we checking out his ass?

    No were are not smartass.It is a front and a back view of Rick Grimes
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    And only people with perverted minds would say that anyway
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    I know you think it is funny but to me it isnt because pretty much you people that are commenting should not be able to comment at all.
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    All i am saying is that i dont want people telling me things like that okay.I post these things so that way people can say nice a great things about what i post.Not perverted people who think it is funny
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    @SPC_TORRES says, “heroes, we don’ need no stinkin’ Heroes!”
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    Don't take what people post personally, the majority of people that posted were simply puzzled and unsure of the purpose of your thread. If you're a little more specific where you want the thread to go it's likely to maintain that theme.

    Anyway, I'm guessing your intention was to gain some feedback etc on Rick in & out the game? That's what I'm guessing anyway so I'm adding a post Kaz made some time ago in which he explains how Rick's trait exactly works.

    Hopefully you & others will find it useful & maybe help put your thread back on the right track.

    So yeah, Rick's trait is kinda tricky to explain, but basically, the answer to your both questions are "Yes". Haha.

    If you are using Rick as the leader, and you want to buff a melee survivor attack. Yes, you need TWO survivors, one to be next to the walker and the other one to attack. Because fighting with your friend is better than fighting alone, I guess.

    So like this:

    As you can see, Glenn's damage is only increased when there's another survivor next to the walker.

    However, if you are using a ranged one, then you only need one survivor next to the walker.
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