Radio Event has been nerfed



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    Can't we see how the event goes before throwing our toys out of the pram. I'm hoping for a couple of hundred from usual playing as normally get around 80-90. If I get less than 150 I'll join the complainers.
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    mik81 said:

    I'm sorry but consumers aren't usually dumb, if an entertainment product has a big drop in viewers/users is because it is failing in its ultimate goal which is entertain.

    Couldn't have said it better myself. If an elderly woman is taken advantage of financially by a younger relative you don't blame the woman for being old...

    I watch a show because I enjoy it. I play a game because I enjoy it. By NG doing things like this it makes me (and many others) enjoy it less. It's like every other week there's something else happening where we get less which causes me to enjoy the game less.

    Of course they are a business and of course they want to make money and I want them to make money but blind promises of having this event multiple times a year this "new" way instead of twice a year the old way... I'll spend my weekend doing other things.

    I can send a message with my wallet this weekend. I am but one person, but the weather is getting nicer I'm just looking for a reason to do other things..

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    I am well aware of how a business operates, I even accurately predicted their first quarter would see some major damage. I didn't predict it to be as bad as it is. But when a company completely abandons their flagship like NG is doing with NML then they are putting all their eggs in one basket. Incase you haven't seen the report not only are sales down but players are way down. Additionally you can probably drop the player count even more as I randomly sign in to check bundles for a laugh then log out. But I still count as a player cause I sign in.

    Furthermore NG could take NML a lot further than it is. The game itself is simple. I can show you a game for Android that is far more advanced and was written and developed by dudes who have families and full time jobs yet they produced a more indepth game. Yet NG hasn't had any major change since the Distance was added, in fact they have made things worse since then
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    You said that if we had radio events like the one they just destroyed twice a month for the last year , we would all have 10 star survivors and 9 star heroes .. first off , this isn't even close to true. The amount of tokens it takes to get one single survivor to 8 star would easily take grinding 3 days of beach life worth of radios .. that's one survivor.. that's with buying gas boosters all 3 days during event and probably not even playing challenge or Distance. Having the actual radio event before destruction say twice a year , barely makes a dent in the uphill battle that is end game progression . But it does make a little dent and gives people some thing to look forward to .. in 2 days you will start seeing the threads asking where the extra radios are and people who bought gas boosters for event pissed .. there seems to be some general consensus that this event is still almost as good, but they just lowered the radio amounts by half .. this is NOT the case . They lowered radio amounts by half yes , but since the last event that have also significantly lowered the odds of radios in all types of crates and from Kaz's post , have only increased the odds of getting radios to 2x the amount . This means if you scavenged for 4 hours last weekend and got 18 radios , you MIGHT get 36 radios this weekend, or 2 calls . This is a huge nerf and by posting and basically agreeing that NG have done the right thing here, it makes me wonder .. I have always liked and appreciated your posts and contributions before this man
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    Other aspect is NG did this event what 3x a year on average? So that being said if they run the new format say 4x you are still losing radios and are grinding more.


    So for them to use @Kaz logic they would need to run this event 7x for it to be more beneficial to the player who then in turn needs to grind 4x more to equate out to be on the better end. This is the same as taking a turd and dipping it in gold at the end of the day you are left with shit.
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    For those who don't remember or weren't here yet , this event was brought in to replace the ICELS event which this version of NG eliminated as soon as they had a chance. At the time , ICELS was the most looked forward to and talked about event . Now they are both gone .. the only way NG will rethink this terrible decision Is if people don't buy gas boosters or radio bundles this weekend. If they see that people have spoken with their wallets, that speaks louder than any deep thinking analytics and it will get results, especially with NG currently hemmorhaging profits . Don't forget that we are the customers and they need us and have to keep us happy , not vice versa ..
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    What was the ICELS
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    @Drunken They could do this event 10× a year and not even come close to doing it twice in old format . Many won't see until the dust settles after this weekend.. Unless NG rethinks this baffling stance on in game currencies and triples or quadruples the changed radios in crates for this event
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    @Drunken 'Increased Chance of Epic and Legendary Survivors'
    Sorry , should have clarified
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    I am not an OG, but within the 18 months of my play(would be almost 2 years if I still did) I was able to hit 1900 stars on the reg. I was in a top 5 global guild with 7 star toons. I missed a lot of the good events and I paid heavily to get to the point where I was. I went from 20 toons to 23(capped then) in 2 weekends. Level 59 council to 63. Then they turned around and nerfed bundles kill me. I wonder where I could be now with 4 months of play time and another 1k or so invested.

    @Japes87 thanks I had heard of the event but didn't know it by that term. Seems like a great event and a way for newer players to hopefully get that toon with 5 traits they want(at least increased) when I played I was more willing to spend money when getting a fancy new non hero for example my Assault. I waited over a year to find one worth leveling. I was able to get her to 6* and was 300 tokens away from 7* I spent 99.99 to get a bundle to make her 7*.... But NG doesn't use logic like that they view it as oh make it harder to get what they want they will spend more opposed to give them what they want and then they will spend to make what they want to where they want it.

    EX. Sell a bundle with Morgans Staff(using new traits) Pitchfork(with threat reduction and SS) Governors Assault. Toss in 3 great armors. Charge 50+ for it.... Boom player gets a great combo package now I have to buy 24HR and Double XP. Then I have to nerd rage on it. Then spend gold to instant finish upgrades so now I am buying a gold bundle to ensure I get enough XP through my boosters.

    ^ that's logic a lot of gamers use. Once they spend X amount for 1 thing they spend more to get it to where they want. NG simply doesn't do that tho. They decrease what you get and charge more. Then say oh well we have to make money
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    We are basically on the same page @Drunken , especially game wise...just I haven't lost the love for the show...yet

    Don't blame you if you have....
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    Comment about NG and pokemon go from @Drunken ....well said!!!
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,675

    Oh I still watch the show every week. But instead of coming home from league and staying up till midnight to watch it I watch it typically Monday night. So my interest has slowed on the show. Shameless on the other hand is a must see each week.

    But my point was referring to the showing slow down. TV viewers have spoken the massive drop in people watching is a reflection of that.

    Another point on Pokémon GO. Is NG has a successful game... One that could out live the show, but yet they want to develop and push a new game while a show is in the dying stage...Seems like a bad business ideal to me.... Why not develop something way off from show?
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    Super agree @Drunken I watch Monday mornings usually...and Super/Triple/Super agree about pokemon go style game...especially if you have to travel to play...I have way more important things for my battery....
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    @japes87 I just absolutely LOATHE negativity that's all.

    Everyone wants to bitch about something, and the end point is I installed this game to kill zombies... And I can still do that.

    My efforts and suggestions are to help improve the experience, but the negativity is so overwhelming it's probably best I just let this one go.

    No stopping the avalanche of negativity here. Haters gonna hate.

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    Edit : removed comment. :p
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    In my old guild we had several members that spent 100+ a month easily I named them out in a message to an un-named Dev and said hey they don't like the new bundles and had slowed their rolls. I went from 2-3+ bundles plus 3-4 gas boosters a week to 0 bundles and 2-3 boosters to quitting.

    The fact they can track our individual purchases and can look and see how much a player has spent/is spending should speak volumes when larger spenders stop, but they honestly IMO believe they will draw enough lower players to spend. Which isn't true lower players see it as endless grind. To get to max starting out is extreme. Shit even when new council came out NG had a chance to beef sales by opening up full supply to players who had already maxed this out. Instead of doing a $50 bundle for fully supplies they thought we would spend gas and gas and gas to get maxed along with buying gold bundles to instant finish, but why instant finish when you are grinding? Now if I had a chance to buy full supplies unlimited amount of times then I am spending gold to instant finish....

    Hmm interesting when you look at their logic
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    Drunken said:

    I quit spending and eventually quit playing. I focused my time and money on other things like dating and doing stuff outside the house. Pretty cool

    How's that working out for ya? :D:D:D
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    @TJS working out pretty good. Seeing someone cool, also took a trip out of state, went to the zoo, been in the gym and lost 25 pounds, got some outside yard work done, got some inside work done.
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