Kaz what do you think about him now? Update!

I know a lot of people were swooning over the introduction of Kaz.

Got my popcorn...this should be fun!

I not sifting through 41 pages of his name. I did like 15. Couldn't find his introduction thread.


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    Bring back @TK-421 @eetu @Fearofabotplanet @Shteevie @Teeceezy @zbot ???

    Nah, they can't be arsed to respond to anyone anymore.

    Yay to @Kaz

    Sticking your head above the parapet and taking all the shit!!

    Plus you ain't banned me. :#

    Shush!! Don't tell @zbot ;)
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    @TJS the purpose is to get a feel for Kaz, after his introduction! The forum will take it in the way it sees fit. Any more ? I've seen many questions asked of Kaz. He cannot go through all threads. So maybe we can fit all questions into one thread. Am I out of line?
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    With soda pls ;)
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    I tried making a question thread some time ago with no success.

    I didn't read your thread as a questions for Kaz thread, atleast it didn't say anything like that in your OP.

    If that was your intention maybe you could have made that clear.

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    @TJS sorry never seen your thread. Please don't edit your first comment. To make me look like a dick! If a thread on free radios can go on for seven pages. And it's very opinionated to think you know what question should and should not be answered by Kaz
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    I edited to add how you can find the thread you couldn't find. I was trying to help you, if that made you feel like a dick then I'm sorry. :D

    Again Goodluck with whatever you're trying to achieve. If you want to futher discussion off 'your' topic feel free to PM me.
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    Yes I'm just fn with the matrix!!! I bump this to it gets closed. Going out with a bang. The grind. NG's next great game. Lol. You do know Pokemon go was the most intrusive game ever made. Guess they're not that dumb at all. They're going to make money on your info not the game!!!!
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    @ShadowaceAz very good presentation! This is my only account. I've been playing pretty much from the beginning. I've never said anything bad about Kaz. I will say KAZ is told what he can and what he can't say. And what is this three minute of a formed account you talk of.
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    > @SCBMA said:
    > I want Andrea!

    I WANT ANDREA TOO!!!!!! <3 <3
  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    > @SCBMA said:
    > Here is vampire Andrea for you @anthony172

  • T_storm69T_storm69 Member Posts: 49
    Vampires Delight they're definitely hemorrhaging
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    T_storm69 said:

    And what is this three minute of a formed account you talk of.

    It had nothing to do with you, nor was I trying to imply it was. Apologies if you took it as such.

    I won't point fingers or name names but I know one for a fact that created a nastygram thread and I happened to be refreshing discussions when it popped up, due to the content I wondered if the person might have any other redeeming qualities in the forum profile. Instead I found the account created on date was that same day. In the span of 15 minutes they had posted multiple "why NG sucks" posts. Giving knowledge of the history of the game since about the time of inception and many of the posts referenced previous forum discussions.

    This lead me to perceive It was a duplicate account of someone who did not want their regular account tarnished.

    Sadly, due to the nature of forum communications, one can often read things into a comment or thread that is purely speculation as we have no body language, facial expressions, inflection or tone, to go off of.

    I be quiet now before contracting Foot-in-mouth disease.
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    I got dibs on @SCBMA 🤣

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