Does some one know Dolores and/or Dolorez?

I raided them today without a break around 30 times in a row and both are not on the score cards. This shouldn’t be possible with real players unless someone is deactivating the shield every 2 minutes. Are these some kind of NG ghosts for lonely outpost raiders? 🤔

It’s interesting that both names are almost identical.


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    Thanks for the hint, @SCBMA, I have an idea already and was wondering meeting the exact outposts with same survivors but under different flag.

    Just don’t understand the mechanics behind. Once you are in the top ranks, you see the people you are visiting in the leader board but not these names.

    However, these are easy raids once you know how to attack...
  • MischaMischa Member Posts: 87
    Thanks for the detailed explanation, that’s exactly what I figured out and for sure, I won’t post anything revealing names of other players or their defensive positions.

    It would be interesting to know if I also have a bot duplicate and which name is given to it. 🤔
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    Congrats @Mischa awesome job!!!

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    What do you guys reset to at the end of the cycle?
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