JayZ's Challenge and Distance videos

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I've been creating these for my guildmates for a few weeks and thought it would be helpful to share with the broader NML community.

Every week, I record a successful round of challenges at RSL30+ and my Hard Distance runs. I am by no means a stud player like Vshield, Terminates or Stelio, but my guildmates have found these to be helpful so I hope you guys do too.


If you like the videos, I would appreciate if you hit the "Subscribe" button. Not trying to get a green content creator badge or anything, I just need to hit 100 subscribers so I can get rid of that ugly URL and get a custom link for my channel, lol. Finally hit 100 subscribers so I now have a sexy, new channel URL. Thanks everyone!
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Strategy compendium: https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/41787/jayzs-nml-strategy-compendium


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