Why don´t count stars from the last map/round at the end?

Why stars don´t get count, if you start the map before the end of the challenge?

Isn´t it possible to programm the game that it counts when you start the last map?

Just missed the last star to complete another round by one second :(


  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    How long does it wait?

    If a person starts, but noticed the challenge ended, then they disconnect while still in challenge. 2 days later when they log in, would you expect it to be still in Challenge mode for that person?
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  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,066
    No, of course not - but results could be finalized about 10 or 15 minutes after the challenge ends and during that time, stars etc. could still be awarded. Same for Distance.

    Both happened to me, lost the star/round finish/round pass and Distance reward because I finished "a few seconds too late" - and it is damn frustrating.

    Can't wait several days but a few minutes up to 15 or so wouldn't hurt.

    (Of course then someone would complain why it is not 16 minutes but... you know, can't make everyone happy. ;) )
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  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
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    I feel that it should be like buzzer beaters in basketball or a game winning field goal or touchdown in football. If they get the shot off or the play starts before 0:00 on the clock it should stand. If you start the map before the challenge ends then you should get the stars. I get why they don't do it though because it easier to NG this way. They would have to take into account disconnects and a class boosts or hero boost etc that end when the challenge does.
  • MischaMischa Member Posts: 87
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    Had the same issue, started the last mission to finish the round and didn’t get the stars and the rewards because I finished too late.

    But the game worked fine for the hospital, the injured survivors were out for 2 hours...

    Worked as intended according to NG
  • Bill_ZRTBill_ZRT Member Posts: 1,410
    I've had this happen to me to. And worse, I've completed the map in time, but not clicked the button to advance to the next round in time due to the time it took to select and reveal the boxes, etc. :cry: A 15 minute grace period or a countdown timer in the challenge map screen (just like Outposts has) would be helpful so a player knows exactly where they stand.
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  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,526
    Sniping stars at the last minute when the timer hits 0 it "is what it is".

    I don't mean to sound cynical here but I'm sure those who stay logged in after the 1 minute gas ends to enjoy 1 minute gas as long as they are signed in aren't complaining about that :lol::trollface:

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  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,406
    I passed the last mission about 10 seconds to late to complete rd 34 so I missed out on 37 stars so I definitely welcome something like a cool down period of 5 mins if you started the mission before timer finished
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  • thisdoesfinethisdoesfine Member Posts: 360
    You've got 5 days, game over man.
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