Need a counter on survivors

Hey, I was thinking, is there a reason why we can’t see the damage and status on our survivors? I always look away at the wrong moments and can’t tell if they got bruised or not 🤔


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    You can pinch zoom in to see their health meters more clearly (unless their name has a lot of descender letters which obscure the meter, like Maggie). Most nerds won't be bruised until half-green meters.
    That said: I utterly endorse the idea of an icon on the character portrait to show injury status. I think it's low development priority because, without Tara, it would be irrelevant data: injury happened, replay the challenge mission if you want 3 stars. It MIGHT also be handy in Outpost or Distance, if you're trying to make sure that a nerd that can take a hit, takes it. Hmmm....
    Yeah, total agreement: injury-status indicators on the sidebar character portraits would often be valuable!
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    Thanks @Artminius . Who’s the patron of saints here in the suggestion &idea section? @Kaz ? @Shteevie ?
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    When i saw the thread title i thought it was for a kill counter, but its healthbar type thing,
    I Should imagine it cant be that hard many other games have them, heres a couple of ideas

    Replacing existing bar which is hard to see :

    Amendment to current format:


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    Thanks @Artminius . Who’s the patron of saints here in the suggestion &idea section?

    I'd offer Isidore of Seville as a suggestion.
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    Holiday weekend = too busy to reply
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