What Challenge Changes Should Be Permanent?

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Hello my fellow Forum Fanatics to another round of P.O.S. Feedback for our friends over at NG. This time around we want to let them know which NEW challenge features should remain through the new 2.11 Update. And in the spirit of Kaizen (getting a little better everyday), leave a comment on how to make your choice even BETTER, Remember Keep It Constructive People!
Trust in NG *rubs ears* woo-sahhh

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What Challenge Changes Should Be Permanent? 68 votes

Round Passes Every 3 Rounds
DeucesKirnaswhitek111zivaoliviamarie1980Steinar_Lily_jrodrf2aquilakamilowatyStarr621 11 votes
Guild Rewards Earned Quicker
p_herian 1 vote
Trade Goods Increased
deb1hdFirekidtjhookr 3 votes
Varied Guild Rewards
evilightsanthony172 2 votes
Guild Challenge Bonuses (ex: reduced body shots at high Star Counts)
Metalmack22Deathwish19donald6283Maldon 5 votes
All of the Above
TransmuteJunzeeblackR2runfast8900rpmcapibaraGovernatorJapes87Jenngcrambert_necKyrusTheCrabJayZTroublemakerJadenScowleyCaptainslayerninewalkersbiter370Djinnbigbeano 46 votes


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