Know your gear!

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You work hard every day, you scavenge, you toil, you repair your gear, you upgrade your gear, you slay the dead.

All that hard work takes a toll, but you get stronger, faster, more experienced on dropping the dead. You know how to dispatch them silently, you know when you need a bigger bang. You watch and you learn.

You know your kit inside and out. You can field strip your gear in under 30 seconds while blindfolded.

With all this knowledge and skill, you know when a weapon can give no more.

You discard old gear as you acquire new. You use parts from the older to fix the old.

With all this knowledge and experience, would you not get a bit wiser with each gear upgrade? As in, scrapping of the old.

This all being said, would it be unreasonable to
consider the option of adding a % of class tokens for the same class
as the gear when you scrap?

As with the scrapping of a survivor, could you not get 'stronger and wiser' if
you scrap a piece of gear you have upgraded to max?

Raw gear, never upgraded, is saying you never gained knowledge from
that piece, so no tokens for bare gear, but possibly a small
% of tokens for fully upgraded gear could not possibly
"break the economy' could it?
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    Tokens for scrap gear seems nice, but the XP return I think simulates what your metaphors allude to: the XP is 'parts' for other gear upgrades; and it is 'wisdom' to train with your new hotness gear. (Yes, that is decoupled from the class that scrapped it.)

    Don't get me wrong: The token economy is my only real concern anymore. I want thousands of them, for all classes and heroes. At player level 62, no other resource gets me closer to my sense of accomplishment (not even badges).

    Maybe that's the key: too many tokens leads to all nerds are maxed leads to... Why keep playing? I mean, at this point in the game's life, for us, is there anything left to do after you run Hard Distance completely (my final achievement to reach)? Sure, new season missions are worth the time, to see the design. But if you posit my notion above about all nerds max... then even those new-mission rewards will be irrelevant.

    That said, I suppose that the Omega State for a player of this game is a full roster of 10-star nerds and heroes, all bearing max-level legendary gear with full upgrades... walking through the full Hard Distance like it's nothing.
    Is that "done"?
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    Really not sure what you are saying, but it's probably right up there with all the new heroes you are wanting added. I'm guessing they will need tokens somehow as well, unless you have code changes in mind for that.

    Anyway, it's my toss into the had for NG to see.

    Thanks, and be safe out there survivor.
    Descensus in cuniculi cavum
    Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit

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