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MrJoshuaMrJoshua Member Posts: 1
Great game. I only make in-game purchases for the very few games that are worthwhile and this game is at the top of that list.
The one new feature I would ask about is a simple team building interface exactly like mission team assignment now, but I can save the team to a slot. Probably a new building and the level of the building determines the number of team slots
At mission time you can select a team, which populates the survivor slots, but you can still change individual survivor slots just as today.
An advanced level of the building could let you save 2 different sets iif equipment and can choose the set at mission time.
Now that you can specialize survivors with badges and a weapon with the right traits, a team interface would allow us to manage the team and make the most out of the game.

Oh, and more new content:)


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    Don't forget the Baby!
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  • ArtminiusArtminius Member Posts: 491
    I like this idea if it includes the gear loadout.
    It would be awesome to have teams like 'distance grinders', 'versus survivors', and 'outpost assault'. I've begged for an interface that would let me pick a team and its gear granularly every mission, instead of painstakingly switching gear with the terrible interface that requires 10 taps every gear swap between active and bench toons. Times 3, if you're trying to min-max. 30(!) taps to setup one team for one mission is, I feel, egregious. But that's how they make money: pay to avoid delay.
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