A worthy Bruiser?

My Hero-fest call sadly did not yield any heroines. It did give me A bruiser option that looks pretty awesome. I can’t decide whether to accept him, or use the tokens to continue upgrading one I already have. I haven’t used bruisers much, but since I got Morgan’s staff, I want to start trying one out more. Thanks in advance for your help.

** I’ll comment the picture since, for some reason, I am unable to add it to this post **


  • HuttSlayer23HuttSlayer23 Member Posts: 162

    Here is the picture 😁
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,970
    He's a slight improvement on Mel but ruthless isn't a must have for a bruiser but iron skin or def stance are. Although lucky and dodge might compensate slightly for that. I'd say sod iy and plough everything into them and put your best damage reduction badges on him.
  • andy75andy75 Member Posts: 262
    No defense at all on him. I have one very similar and for a bruiser he has a glass jaw even with 65% damage reduction form badges and armor. You need bruisers to take a beating not really deliver one.
  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    Wait for one with iron skin instead of ruthless. That’s my advice
  • DodkongDodkong Member Posts: 1,048
    If a Bruiser doesn't have Punish, Iron Skin and Dodge, they are token fodder for me.

    If I were in your shoes this is what I would do: Accept Willie and add him to your roster. Scrap Victoria. Level Willie up so that you have two servicable Bruisers for the time being, but don't invest tokens in him or Mel. Continue looking for a more defensive traited Bruiser. Once you find one, scrap Mel (Vigilant is meh), dump all the tokens you have into this new Bruiser.

    Then use him/her in missions to see if you like the class and how it plays. If you do, repeat the above process for a second new Bruiser, eventually scrapping Willie when you find a good second Bruiser. If you don't like the class and how it plays, scrap Willie immediately, dump those tokens into the new Bruiser and don't look back.
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  • HuttSlayer23HuttSlayer23 Member Posts: 162
    Thank you!!
    I think I’ll hang onto him for now, because I love the punish/retaliate combo. I will continue to look for A bruiser with more defensive traits.
  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
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    Bin him.

    Punish is great. Retaliate is great. Luck is fine (helps with stun-resistance if you have the armour, helps Dodge). Dodge by itself is a thin defence; against +5 enemies, it is . Ruthless should be low on the list of traits to see in a bruiser.

    Mel is a marginal bruiser who is no use to you at the toughest levels. No point wasting any resources on another bruiser who is little better at those levels.

    EDIT - having seen your latest post

    OK, train him up and bin Mel. But don't spend any more tokens.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,970
    @Boukephalos don't agree with the thin defence of dodge and lucky. The difference of getting a bruise or basically struggling is huge at +8/9!
  • Starr621Starr621 Member Posts: 108
    That's a pretty good bruiser. 4 really good traits and another trait which isn't entirely bad. Sure you can wait for one with iron skin instead of ruthless but expect to go through a lot of rng trying to get that unicorn setup. Imo the must haves are retaliate, punish, and lucky (for concussion chance increase) so no fault in investing in him if you decide to do that.
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