Training Gear on Bruiser Armor Needs To Go

I'm not going to try to talk about widespread armor trait dilution because that's an issue that there are differing thoughts/beliefs/play styles that many different people have. Just one specific item is what I'd like to discuss here:

Training gear trait on Bruiser armor.
Only bruiser.
It needs to go.

With badges and punish, bruisers have been given a much needed breath of fresh air. When the going gets tough, chances are I'm considering bringing my bruiser along (I use her every week). With maxed out damage reduction and ridiculously high health, she can take hits without flinching and can dish out a modest amount of damage... but really, I just want a meat shield who gets charge points, using Sasha or Morgan to get her charge up. No one uses bruisers to farm xp. And no one bringing out their bruiser when the going gets tough wants a throwaway trait like training gear. It's a waste of a trait and it stops those who want to use their bruisers at higher levels to keep their bruiser benched because of not having a decent suit of armor.

Of course there are some who will say bullet proof needs to go, but I understand that some people like to have it in outpost or against raiders (and so it's not on topic in this thread). I'm sure the vast majority of players think that wrestler on bruiser's armor is stupid (which it is, however, this is a single issue thread, and there is a chance that some folks might find it handy once in a while--though they'd be better off with an active trait). The one trait that is not handy on a bruiser, ever, is training gear.

@Kaz Please bring this common sense issue up and rid us of training gear on bruiser armor. I understand that the reason some less desirable traits are there to create a sort of balance between the best gear and less-than-the-best gear (and insta-scrap gear), and we are supposed to play more to get the best gear, but this proposition has no rational counter argument. This is an easily removable road block that will help more players explore a class that was amazing before body shots, was crap for a long while, and now has the potential for a lot of great, strategic play.

Of course I'm open to hearing objections, but chances are I'll shut that shit down with a nice skull crack (but no, it won't kill you, so I wouldn't even get the extra xp if I had training gear armor on).

Anyone else want a little bruiser love by removing this one trait?


  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
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    I would ask it not be removed. I use my Bruiser for every outpost raid I run, since the change to the Challenge format I cannot run nearly as many challenge missions.

    This not only slices my ability to farm XP and Supplies, but also cuts way down on the chances of finding Gear crates with gear of my survivors level. I run many more Outpost raids than I ever did before the great UC changes back in the year of 2017 because I hit the top end of what I can do in challenge missions much sooner.

    Please let me at least get the XP bonus, while doing raids, to make up a portion of the loss taken to accommodate the EndGamers who were tired of the challenge missions.
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  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    If you don't want training gear on any of the classes, just don't upgrade gear with training gear.

    Gear options are a personal choice, just as sniper gear, wrestler, dodge, etc. are.

    @sbf you are absolutely positively wrong about training gear being useless for bruisers and some players farm with a mix of range and melee. Sometimes you need every single xp and or toes you can get your hands on. You don't have to get 100+ kills to farm.

    @Kaz please don't believe this is in anyway a common sense issue for anyone other than a few. Keep training gear for every class so anyone who wants to upgrade and use it to help further their game playing goals can.
  • sbfsbf Member Posts: 466
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    @ShadowaceAz I see your objection and raise you the combo of scout, assault, shooter, all with training gear. Interrupt knife on the scout stops fatties or armored walkers dead in their tracks (also useful in baiting melee outpost defenders to stop them in their tracks), plus they can kill fatties and armored walkers much more easily than bruisers. Wide spread on assault takes care of swaths of walkers and stun outpost defenders if the [expletive] are blocking. Shooter can take out anything big from a distance. If you like killing defenders, open the gate with the scout, stun with assault, and charge attack with shooter, and clean up the next turn. If you just want tg's, run in with scout. I also farm tg's and xp in outpost, but for me, a bruiser's capabilities slow down farming in OP, and chances are defenders are going to have stun resistant armor, so assault trumps bruiser every day of the week. And all that time farming tg's just to get jacket after jacket with training gear is worse than getting a sweet jacket with traits that pertain to strategy.

    @Undertaker I thought so initially, but I take down a lot of fatties with shooters and scouts, so although farming xp on scavenge missions is open season with hunters and assaults, scouts and shooters (and warriors for that matter cutting through loads of walkers with ease) are nice to have when wanting xp. (*edited to clarify scouts and shooters in outpost for fatties and armored walkers, though I run with training gear on my scout in my 2 assault 1 scout scavenge team)

    @CBgaming1969 that's a fair enough objection, and I'm happy for the conversation about it... I'm (well, not happy) fine farming xp for 150k tg's to find the armor I'm looking for, but there are many out there hoping and praying for that piece of gear that will let them push their teams further, but all they get is diluted traits... It's more than a matter of "if you don't like it don't use it," it's more a matter of "If I'm farming xp and I want to do it efficiently, I'm not bringing a bruiser because of their low damage, their low kill count, and the extra time it takes to farm with a bruiser than other classes... and I'd rather streamline the process just a little bit because the overall benefit would outweigh the cost from a strategy perspective." It's cool if you wanna farm with bruisers, but their biggest asset is taking hits and stunning so you can get further in your missions, not killing. There are just *so many* armor traits now that the only (free) reliable way to get a good one is farming tg's and rolling the dice over and over and over... it's time to make it slightly more worth it to go ahead and farm those tg's for gear on the one class it makes most sense to have relief on.
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
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    I whole heartedly disagree with you assessment on bruisers @sbf . Those are your personal views. I don't usually use any melee teams. I am a ranged attacker at heart. But I have 40% training gear for every class and multiple training gear for my main challenge team. Why would you not want to gain extra xp or tomatoes during all the missions that you don't need the use of all the traits then trade out for specialized higher difficulty gear.

    We are all in search of our own idea of unicorn gear. We all want what we all want. I wish...we all wish!!!

    We all have are own styles of play and we all make choices that best benefit our own styles!!

    I get more insta-scrappy gear then I would wish on anyone. I upgrade the best piece that I have at each time, I still need a reliable source of xp to keep building up to pay for my upgrades.

    I love specialized gear for situational use an example is sniper gear for missions with cover and outpost defense during the other missions.

    Happy Walker killing!!!

    Also if one of a players beat toon is a bruiser, they will use them more than me or you would! Also Morgan with his staff during this event would look good with training gear.
  • SPC_TORRESSPC_TORRES Member Posts: 2,017
    Yes @Kaz
    We would like to see more armor options, please.
  • BoukephalosBoukephalos Member Posts: 263
    A number of people (endgame players, people who take a slower and more careful approach to levelling up) upgrade training gear as well as their best gear and use it for scavenging and in the earlier challenge missions. Why make bruisers less useful for this?
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807

    A number of people (endgame players, people who take a slower and more careful approach to levelling up) upgrade training gear as well as their best gear and use it for scavenging and in the earlier challenge missions. Why make bruisers less useful for this?

    @Boukephalos I can only speak for myself on this issue and I'm not opposed to the Training Gear Trait on Armor of Rare quality or lower, I think it's possible that the trait has some use there.

    For me it's just a numbers game.

    Lets take the second set of Armor in my last post as an example. On that Legendary Armor, upgrading the Silver Training Gear trait will take 1.89 million XP. Right off the bat I need to overcome/work off a 1.89 million XP net deficit before I'm able to reap the benefits of the trait. My Bruisers can one shot kill a level 26 Normal Walker so let's use them as an example of an early challenge mission foe. We get 546 XP from killing a level 26 Normal Walker, and with the 30% bonus we get from Silver Training Gear we get an additional 164 XP on top of that. Check my math, but I would need to kill somewhere in the ballpark of 11,524 Norwal Walkers at Level 26 with my Bruiser before I would start seeing a net benefit from that trait. I'm not sure how long it would take me to kill that many walkers with my Bruisers (and I use them all the time), but my guess is that it would take a very considerable amount of time, so for me its a cost I'm not willing to bear.
  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
    Great thread and both sides (pro and anti-training gear) have really interesting points!
    And here's ours:
    Our goal is to make every trait attractive. Even bulletproof can shine during a Freemen Challenge. So we would rather create situations in the game where different strategies could work better, other than scrapping traits and limiting your options in the game.

    So for now, we are not scrapping this trait. (:
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