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I know it's been suggested MANY times before and I know I'm in the minority of players not drowning in supplies (yet), but I REALLY would like to see 24 hr double supplies offered in the shop. We already have 2X XP available so why not supplies? Has this been addressed by NG yet as to why this can't happen? I find myself with a week off of work and I want to level up to help my guild. I would be buying 24 hr gas and 24 hour supplies probably twice.

@Kaz sorry to tag you again, but can we do this? 2X XP encourages gold use to speed up times and 2X supplies would do the same...


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    I Too am needing supplies especially if the supplies for equipment becomes more of a regular thing
    I Love the second option a shop to drop stuff off and have it broken down into XP & Supplies

    Could a mod perhaps move this to
    Suggestions & Ideas

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