Leader.. Daryl vs Sasha vs Abr

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1.Daryl + assa +shoot
2.Sasha +assa +shoot
3.Abr +assa +shoot

Which team is better?? for all kind of mission


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    seems like you like ass a lot.

    But depending what you are doing or what level you are on depends the best team combo.
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    Edited ^^; sorry about too many ass lol
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    is assa like mossa?
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    None of them is better for all kinds of mission. Sasha isn't hugely useful till things get tough, for example.

    Sasha's the one to use when you've gone a couple of difficulty levels beyond RSL (real survivor level) +5. Most other leaders will be failing you at that point. Unlike Abe and Darryl, her bonus works for ranged and melee. She's less useful than either of them before that time, though.

    Darryl does noticeably more damage than regular hunters - his base damage is nearly the same as a warrior of the same level and prestige/stars. But that damage boost becomes much less significant against high level enemies. His crit-chance bonus also shrinks to a fraction of its value once you're relying on piercing to get crits and his silencer chance becomes irrelevant once you're kills-per-shot ratio drops so much that the threat bar will be maxed out anyway (not to mention the fact that most players of my acquaintance don't believe it works properly, if at all).

    Abe's damage and health boosts are great in earlier challenge missions but also become steadily less significant as the difficulty increases. That said, his defensive traits make him damn tough so he can be an effective meat shield for your shooter.

    In "Fight it out", the challenge about to start, Abe is much more useful than Darryl in "The Archives". Abe, another assault and a shooter or hunter hiding behind works great until it begins to fail, at which point Sasha hiding behind two assaults can see you get a few more stars.

    Once I got Abe to epic, I started using him a lot more often in ranged missions than Darryl. I tend to save Darryl for things like BBQ (the one with fatties wandering in and out of the garden). But there is one thing that makes Darryl still worth considering - we get a lot of Darryl tokens in the story missions, so he's always way ahead of the other heroes on prestige (rarity/stars) unless you spend a lot of cash on hero bundles. So he's the first hero most people pink.

    You know, there are some missions where assault/hunter/shooter isn't the best strategy... Michonne/warrior/scout can own some missions (e.g. Gate Crashing in Alexandria, the challenge just past). Just sayin.

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    Completely different experience with Michonne. You don't want spawn blocks because hanging around near the gate and taking out the two there, then the two that spawn at the bottom, works even at tough levels. With her plus one or two TR scouts, you can have an empty threat bar the entire time and have all the time in the world to put your toons back in position before pushing the gate again.

    Of course, you don't do much farming that way.
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    The quick and simple answer is none of them.
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    If that's your playing style and team you are most comfortable and or are your best toons @omarlittle then you would use those teams in this order...

    1 is for the beginning and middle difficulty challenge missions. Use all piercing...

    3 is for high difficulty challenge missions...use all piercing

    2 is for highest difficulty challenge missions when you are up against 100% bodyshots...use all non-piercing

    But, there are other great combinations other than those for easy missions to farm more resources, outpost raids and Distance missions. Although you can do easy distance with any of those setups if they are a high enough level.

    When building up as a ranged team player I had a main 7 hero/survivor challenge team that i upgraded first then then went outpost raid and farming team and then 1 each class.

    Eventually as you get certain heros you will want to develop a melee team as well...

    But again, 1, 3 and then 2 is how to best use that setup of toons...

    Happy Walker killing!!!
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    I run 2 assaults and a hunter on most challenges. Gov first for better after mission crates then switch to Abe harder difficulties and then switch to sasha at 100% bodyshots.

    I use Glenn with widespread assault and top shooter for outpost raiding for farming tomatoes and a cheap 2gas scavenger mission. Maggie with widespread assault and scout for xp farming unless it's a kill team and I leave scout and take a shooter...full acknowledgment I no longer use Glenn as I'm maxed toes.

    But, I have Michonne finally and have her with 2 scouts for main challenge melee team.

    Merle is someone to look at as basically a shooter to replace Abe with from time to time...and Tara for healing...all heroes have uses, but some a more valuable than others...

    I also recommend WordPress.com TWD NML as a great resource to help you!
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