Thank you NG

I just wanna take a second and thank the folks at NG for the recent events - from increased rewards/0%body shots to increased trade goods/extra offers in trade shop to gold Rush weekend to fallen heroes week. These events have been fun and different from the usual. That shows me that you guys still have plenty up your sleeve and can still surprise us.

I'm of the mindset that people will be much more inclined to complain about something before complimenting a job well done, so I hope that those who are with me will take a second to thank you here as well. Keep up the good work guys!


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    I don't want to spoil or anything, but it seems like recent quarterly financial summary caused NG to finally start doing something more towards players. Up until know we;ve been just cow they were milking as much as they could. But after quite huge drop of players which caused some financial impact maybe they realized they need to start to listen to us and care bit more.
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    jrodrf2 said:

    I'm of the mindset that people will be much more inclined to complain about something before complimenting a job well done, so I hope that those who are with me will take a second to thank you here as well. Keep up the good work guys!

    Well, you might forgot, that NG downsized/lowered/decreased/adjusted/balanced nearly everything over the months before.

    If you take the water source away from people over some time, every drop is appriciated when they are near to dry out.

    Some people don´t even remember, there once was a water source...

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    @jrodrf2 I thank you for stepping up with this posting thread. I often thank the folks who do the work. Kaz and his team, the support ticket team who we never get to taunt properly, Shteevie and the Dev group. None of them run the place (that I know of) yet they often take the beatings for what is done. I feel I can say with confidence that they do everything they can to make it enjoyable and fair to all.

    I often fear I will be found hanging by my toes outside some office building for going against the grain during forum flame moments. I'm glad you stepped up and offered a chance for me to say

    I won't go down alone!
    Descensus in cuniculi cavum
    Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit

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    @PigBenis I disagree, your figures would be right if they didn't actually give us free stuff all the time anyway! Get 20 phones a week free for season missions, free phones in daily quests occasionally, in the trade good shop it's possible to get 10 phone for 3500tg and get at least 2 phones a day from wall walkers. If you want to get your heros double pink etc quicker then yes you can pay ridiculous prices. But compare to other freeimum games there is no premium currency that you cannot get a fair amount of for free.
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    I'll comment for the sake of this thread getting some pages 😀

    Yeah there's definitely some awesome stuff going on recently and I believe it won't end there.
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    Yes, thanks NG.

    Now if we could get a tribute to the living week after this one that would be much appreciated so I can hopefully get Michonne up to 7* :smiley:
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    I'll hop in too and keep it about the positives. Nicely done with the good stuff lately NG. A few guildmates got to promote Sasha today and another unlocked Carl yesterday (his final hero to unlock), which I'm jazzed about. I didn't have any phones but that's because I spent them on another golden double token hero call, and I'm thrilled to see these come up as often as they have recently--it's not easy to get our heroes to a rarity that we can use them at, and some heroes are worth it.

    As much fun as it would be to play Teeming Graveyard with charged bruisers again (and I loved the hell out of that match up), I'm looking forward to playing it with a different buff.
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    @PigBenis you make it sound like it should be quick and easy to get one of the rarest of the heros from pink to double pink? Yes it would cost lots I'm not disputing that. I'm disputing that it's not any suprise that a freemium game would make it difficult/take time to get rare things quickly without spending lots of money. It's not like this is a new thing with this game. Loads of people haven't even unlocked him and your using pink to double pink as an example.
    We might have to disagree on this one as I feel that 15 tokens is better than none and they have improved an event (even if ever so slightly) rather than "nerfed" the event.
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    Just a simple little comment...

    I have never ever been offered 10 radios for 3500 tg's. I have bought 5 radios for like 5000 tg's.

    @Kaz do players get different trade shop offers like that? If so, what the heck do I need to do to get on that list.

    I have known for a long time that at least some players get way better radio calls, after mission crates, challenge reward crates, dailies rewards and challenge mission setups...well at least far more lucky than I have been for the most part...

    ...but say it ain't soooooo @Kaz not trade shop offers:(*******

    Ps...I firmly believe that positive and negative feedback is essential and you should always praise when praise is due and RANT when it's warranted!
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    There is no offer for 10 radios @CBgaming1969
    You can get 1 or 2 for free, and it is possible to buy 1 for 600 or 5 for 3000 once in awhile.
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    After the event, some people had changed their minds and most of them were okay with the fact that the changes were needed in order to make the event more frequent.

    That statement made me laugh... You would have to run the event at least 8+ times to make it beneficial and given the track record I doubt that happens. The old format was ran 3-4x a year. I highly doubt NG does it in fact I bet this new format gets ran maybe 5x... But I favorite this threads link to review EOY
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    I spent over 500 to get Abraham to double pink for Legendary and Sasha to pink in one double token events.

    So I paid a great deal to do it then basically stopped playing shortly after. This past challenge I got 9 stars! The price associated to get what you want is extreme, but in some fairness they do have to give players something to strive for. They Hero pool is very diluted and that's why they keep running the most used survivors in these double token events. They realize not many give a shit about someone like Eugene, in fact most heros are worthless or have little value. We all know what Sasha/Abe offer that's why we see them the most.

    But NG had a successful bundle concept for most of the time I played(15 months or so) 1k gold/50Radios/ 2k TG for 9.99 that was a solid price point and worth wild to buy. Then during first double token event you got same bundle but added 25 hero tokens making it that much sweeter. That's when I started spending heavily on the game. It was like wow too great of an event to pass up. Looking back my 500 spent on the second event would have been more worth wild as they skewed the bundles more in their favor oppose to just letting us have something worth wild.
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    > @David_H79 said:
    > There is no offer for 10 radios @CBgaming1969
    > You can get 1 or 2 for free, and it is possible to buy 1 for 600 or 5 for 3000 once in awhile.

    I didn't think so...someone up top said they got it, so I just had to ask,)
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    Sorry it was a fluke but got 1 free and 4 in an gold crate for 500tg and the 5phones for 3000 so 10 phones for 3500TG. Was pretty sweet!
    @PigBenis if they made the price point to get a single hero to double pink for $50 then the big spenders like drunken spending 500 would get all the heros to 10 pink in minutes and then they'd all complain there is nothing to do or reach for get bored and leave. Yes there needs to be a happy medium but using a thread praising NG to make comments repeated in hundereds of threads on these forums pretty much word for word in some instances needs to stop.
    Thank you NG for the last few weeks keep it up!
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    That's okay @Firekid you just made me cry a little....
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726

    PigBenis responded to a developer who happened to take course of topic instead of saying Thank you for the positive feedback they decided to go further discussing current event which lead to the rebuttal from a player. He isn't wrong in his posting and you touched on it with a happy medium, which I don't think there is a happy medium. I was a big spender to get into a top 3 guild and I accomplished that and then quickly lost interest in game when they decided to jack up prices while lowering what was received in bundles. Price goes up but product became less. This is a non real world game and typically in game purchases don't inflate, I do believe NG has learned from that mistake as bundles have gotten better, but they alienated themselves from their consumer base that did spend. Had NG not jacked up bundle prices I would have instant built everything and still might play more than a map here or there out of boredom when I am dropping a deuce.

    But see I drifted off topic its easy to do so I revert back had @kaz not said anything other than thank you for the kind words then @PigBenis would have nothing to say. Therefore you or myself wouldn't have even posted about it here.
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726

    Further more above stated above it shows how out of touch NG Developers are with gamers in general.... Kaz should have known his comments would fuel a rebuttal and further aide in someone commenting or critiquing the current event. So either he knew and did it anyways or he didn't know and proves me point.
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    Just for the record , Kaz isn't a developer. He is NML community guy
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